Coaches with Charlie Francis Philosophy

Hey all!

I am curious if there are any coaches out there that follow Charlie’s philosophy? I am currently looking for a coach so if anyone knows anyone out there that could help out, that would be great!

Where are you?

Midwest. However willing to relocate to almost anywhere besides Cali (cost of living is too high)

Do you mind sharing where in the midwest and what events and times?

sub-10, I’m in Charlotte N.C., with access to an outdoor collegiate track. however, I no longer coach full time in favor of consulting.

I’m like my man RB34 Where exactly in the midwest are you??

Dakota’s… If he’s in North Dakota I have a friend who ran in the trails (200m) years ago…

[QUOTE=James Smith;257143]sub-10, I’m in Charlotte N.C., with access to an outdoor collegiate track. however, I no longer coach full time in favor of consulting.

Did you forget the email I sent reminding you about not advertising on the site? Not my rule. Charlie’s rule. So by not respecting the rule you are not respecting me or Charlie. Why would I support you being a representative of if you can’t respect the work I do?

Come on guys.

I have supported the community of training now for more than a decade and a half.

If some of you can not respect the rules I aim to support than this community will not work.

Thank you.

Didn’t realize providing an email address was advertising. My apologies.

[QUOTE=James Smith;257143]sub-10, I’m in Charlotte N.C., with access to an outdoor collegiate track. however, I no longer coach full time in favor of consulting.

Mr. Smith is most wanted, Stuart McMillan now Angela…

One would think the wife of Charlie Francis, the owner of this site would have the most recourses.

Stilljd, remember this “the limiting factor is not resources, for they are plentiful, but knowledge, which is scarce” David Deutsch (Physicist, Oxford)

One would believe mr Francis would have shared his knowledge with his wife for free, others including yourself would have paid.

The wife would not have tried getting knowledge from less successful coaches regardless of their influence in the circle.

The question I believe was Charlie Francis Philosophy, not knowledge of “”

Presume you coach the man who breaks Usain Bolts world record, you will get paid millions in consultancy fees. Now I ask if you will pass on everything knowing the next coach of a faster athlete will take your fees. Quote me if you like.

Stilljd, you are making quite a few assumptions.

In regards to CF philosophy vs knowledge of, remember that philosophy is the study of knowledge or experience and, thus, relative to vast amount of knowledge Charlie shared here, in print, and in video, I’d encourage you to rethink your assumptions as certainly sub-10 is not exclusively seeking fireside chats about how Charlie thought about his experience in the world.

Recall that Einstein’s first wife was a physicist in training yet failed to achieve the marks necessary to advance. Whilst she certainly was an intelligent individual, it would be irresponsible to think what she had to offer to aspiring physicists, regarding Einstein’s philosophy and accomplishments, was anywhere near as comprehensive as all the physicists after Einstein who’ve embraced his work and synthesized his landmarks in Special and General Relativity with their own.

Thus, your initial conjecture regarding the wife of Mr Francis having the most recourses relative to sub-10’s question requires a much stronger argument then you’ve provided thus far.

As it regards problem solving, in T&F or anything else in life, one would be hard pressed to identify a limiting factor apart from knowledge.

Anyone can coach a sub 10 athlete expecially if they start with one.

If you cant dazzle them with brillance baffle them with bullshit.

Agreed on the first count, regarding the second, wiser not to work with athletes who seek bedazzlement in the first place; in favor of ones who are solely focused on results.

Back to the question from the initial poster. My questions would be,
What approach did your current/past coaches follow and did it work for you ?
Have you tried contacting other nearby coaches/clubs to see if they are appropriate ?
Are your times/potential good enough to justify moving to another part of the country to find the right coach ? This is not an elitist comment just one of practicality such as earning a living.

Why disappear from the thread you started once others started to offer suggestions/queries…

Hilarious. Im stealing this

James, OLB John Simon looks like your twin. peter.jpg