Coaches in Chicago

Does anybody know of good coaches in the Chicagoland area that are taking on new athletes?

hey person?

where abouts are you in chicago?

I live in Hyde Park on the South Side near the lake… University of Chicago…

so you not in school anymore?

i am in wicker park at the moment can possible help you out a bit.

Hey person im on the same boat you are… ive been looking for a coach for the offseason if you hear anything be sure to let me know! i run for the college of dupage, are you attending university of chicago?

nanny I am in school but the coaching here has made me negative pr (ie get worse) and injured. I’ll buy you lunch if you want to stop out here some afternoon or evening, nanny.


Person i am on your identical boat, training this year hasnt been all that great… we’ve ran against you guys a handful of times this season…

hey person

rickard is working on somethig right now…maybe we can meet at a track tomoz or friday…

i have to rely on pub transport though

Friday is perfect for me whenever. Public transportation is really easy to get here. Take the red line to the Garfield stop and then cross the street and catch the #55 bus. You will literally pull up next to the track (though the entrance is on the opposite side).

The biggest question is - What is Nanny69 doing in Chicago?

Coaching? Recruiting? Holidaying? Researching?

That’s a long way from NSW.

Hey Youngy
If i tell you that i’d have to kill you :smiley:

I train in chicago sometimes with some coaches out there. His name is Ken Jalenski. (I might have butchered his last name) but he is at lisle high school. He has a lot of info. He also is partners with Barry Ross ( yes the same barry ross who used to train Allissyn Felix). You should look him up. I know some of you dont like Barry’s theorys but Coach Ken has his own philosophy. I enjoy myself out there plus it gives me an excuse to go to chi-town.

I know Ken through e-mail and have spoken with him. I may try to arrange a meeting with him, but I am not sure if I would go through with any sort of Barry Ross training program seeing as what I did last summer was a Barry Ross based program and I got a LOT worse.

So who is training Felix now? When did her and Ross split?

She has been with Bobby Kersee for 1-2 years

Anyone know of coaches around philadelphia area, PA. Any help is appreciated…

Actually, she switched from Pat Connolly to Bobby Kersee after the 2003 season. Kersee also coaches Joanna Hayes (Olympic high hurdles champ), Muna Lee, among others. Training is very much Long-Short for Felix.