Coaches Clinic in Boston

Trevor Graham and Dick Booth are speaking tonight…should be a good clinic here in Boston…any questions…also Skeets will be talking about hurdles and we even are hearing from Roy Benson.

Sunday will be a perform better clinic… any questions?

Would you please put some of the interesting, new, modern stuff (theory!) on the Forum?


I would love to hear the debate on long jump preparation between Trevor and Dick.

I’d like to hear about any interesting core exercises that you can do without much equipment you pick up from the Sunday seminar. Looking for a little variation.

what is the web address for a coaches clinic. i would like to attend one near me. (georgia) thank you,


Was at the clinic for two days and one crazy night…yes the sprint coaches talked till 3am while the distance coaches went to bed to get their morning workout.

Trever could not attend the clinic and it pissed people off that drove to listen to him.

Dick Booth was fantastic and got to the good stuff on LJs, HJs, and TJs.

Renaldo was very polished and explained things we “kind of” knew to the point that coaching would be practical. A rare time when the athlete can explain what was going on…

Rob was good but the rest were sub-par. The springfield coach was weak