coaches at lee valley

Does anyone know of any good coaches down lee valley, London who will take on athletes this winter?

There is a high performance centre (national level) or the local club.

ok thank you, do you know who the person to speak to is up there for the high performance centre coaching?

Hi Chris - I have no experience of high performance since I am rubbish. Try this link to see if you meet the performance targets.

Thanks for the help! I’ve actually found a coach down crystal palace now who I will be training with on the weekend, hopefully he will have links with coaches up lee valley for the weekday.

Hi Chris - are you still looking? I know a good sprint coach there - Dan Plummer - I can send you his mobile number if you still need a contact. Failing that speak to Bernie or Mick Bond on 0208 344 7230

Hi Chigs that would be great thank you, i’ve just inboxed you !

Hi Chigs, im not sure if my inbox messages are sending through because they aren’t coming up in my sent box, but yeah if you could pass me on his number that would be great, is he ok with taking on new athletes? also who should i say i got his number from?

As far as messages not showing up in the sent box I’ve had the same issue. PM’s I know I at least attempted to send don’t show up at all there and it makes you wonder if the PM’s are actually going through.

At the bottom of the form where you send the message you need to tick the box that says “save a copy to your sent items”.

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