CNS-work and back problems


i had over nealy 1 year back problems over the glutes…

Believe me: I visited so many docs, but everybody told sth else…

Now i train in a different way(read CFTS and Speed Trap :wink: ) and have no more back pain right now.

I must admit that i had some probs the last time with my Quad and took 3 weeks off, but my suggestion is these:

CAN CNS-WORK without enough “CNS-recovery” cause back problems?
I was thinking about it, bc the nerves are in the spinal cord…

Can anybody share some oppinions and maybe experiences?

i have back problems aswell, i found having the correct recovery between high intens days helped my back pain, so i think CNS work without the right recovery can make your back sore

yeah that was my suggestion…
But: is your back just sore or does it really hurt?

My pain sth like a mix between both… i think

I find that my back pain(not soreness) comes from my hips getting really tight, so if im runing and my back begins to really start to hurt i’ll stop and strech my hip flexors and the rest of my hip muscles. That works for me since its a problum that i’ve had for at least 4 years and i just now discoverd that my back muscles were trying to compensate for my hip muscles being overly tight. This is my lower back to specifie wat im talking about. Hope this could help.

its not muscle soreness if that what you are getting at. my pain is disc related

O in that case, you might want to check into working on back strength, you may not have enough strength for you muscle to hold your spin errect like it should. Have you had x-rays or a cat scan?

yeh ive had all the scan’s, its all under control now, thanks for the concern