CNS stress from soccer?

hey…i am just wondering if a soccer match would be considered high cns activity or is more like tempo work…could you treat soccer the same as tempo or is does soccer put more strain on the cns than tempo…

I would say it largely depends on your level but it is mainly tempo work + acceleration.

Definetely most stressful than tempo work, but it depends a lot (acc component and sometimes the top speed component are there). Sometimes I had very good weight session the day after the game, feeling very refreshed before it. It depends a lot on how the match went, the emotional component is very important and has a great influence on your recovery abilities. Luckily, we are far from being robots.

Depending on the duration of the game, and the time each player plays, level of player etc

I would consider it a hard tempo session but would not do speed/strength work the next day.

If you are a starter it’s going to be hard on the CNS the game+getting all geared up for the game is hard.

so if i played a soccer match on a sunday …no speed or strength session on monday?

I would not, but it would depend on the weekly schedule, and how many matches you have each week.

I think a good workout day after match would be easy tempo (i.e. big circuit), and maybe a medball circuit to get the blood flowing and get limber.

The match is the match, rest or do a low level activity (or therapy), specially if you cannot monitoring your physiological state.
Sympathetic activation is high and last for 1-2 days, is really simple to injury or retard recovery.
Yes, your weight at the gym or your performance can “explode”, but this is only an acute phase, caution, specially in team sport!