CNS Stack

How do you feel the next day after this stack ?

Rather than spending a ton of money on all these products at once, why don’t you start with one, see how it works, then add another on top of it and see if there’s any difference, etc. I would start with the caffeine, since that likely has the most effect of any of these.

Ask yourself if there is something else you could spend your money on that would produce better overall results, e.g., food, massage.

Also keep in mind that such workout boosters, assuming they are effective, will increase your output and therefore fatigue. What would you add to your recovery program to help the body handle this increased output?

There is always a debt to be paid

Acetyl carnitine makes me sooo sleepy… .

And for many people it’s a booster. Same thing with alcohol for that matter. All this has to be individualized, which is why I agree with not following shot gun prescriptions from gurus.

I couldn’t agree with you more.

The DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) is interesting. I’ve read information on its use with alzheimers and dementia patients. It stimulates brain function and the firing of signals. This seems more attractive than caffiene as it won’t dehydrate you.

Has the opposite effect on me.

What the costs of this stack?

I don’t know if I would necessarily call McMillan a guru, John Berardi posted this stack on his website. I don’t even think McMillan has any material available online. The post just mentioned that this was the stack used by the US Bobsled Team with great results. Having used around half of the listed supplements previously, I figured I would take him at his word for both the supplements I hadn’t tried and the overall effectiveness of the stack. I’ll let you guys know how it works out, until then does anybody have experience with the dosage of the Glucoronolactone, GPC, Cysteine and DMAE?

too much, just get some amp and bq.

1200mg GPC

That’s a big stack with a lot of relatively worthless ingredients IMO. I’d stick with Acetyl-l-carnitine, tyrosine, and caffeine and save your money on the rest. The rest of the stuff in there adds very little for it’s purpose.

i agree 110%.

I’ve tried Glucoronolactone and DMAE in the past. Not impressed with either. DMAE might have long term health benefits, like antioxidants, but I would rather just get it from eating fish.

Additionally overusing these products will cause the body to adapt and make them less effective after a while. I would try them out in training and once you have discovered what works for you, reserve it for competitions. I agree in terms of how worthwhile it is spending your money on lots of supplements. I imagine massage to be far more beneficial. Keeps you loose and more likely to remain injury free, so you can actually complete the prescribed training!!


Don’t forget the B vites that make these goodies work and convert to their actives. Occasionally we get caught up in the esoteric stuff and forget the foundation. Plus with the training and the high protein acid base balance is critical for health and performance. Eat your veggies and fruits not the BS greens drinks and powders.

Where can I find oxiracetam?

hmm you on my shit now. check smart you need alpha gpc with it. I was just given the wife some for a presentation. Im bout to order some more now.

Damn, the IAAF’s laws regarding supplements are so lax compared to UCI (Professional road cycling).

Oxiracetam is regarded as being juiced up, get busted & it’s a 2 year ban.

I bet half of the time, supplements works against some guys running fast, creating bad side effects/medical conditions/fatigue.

Watch out for that.