CNS Recovery

Hi all, have been away from this site for a while and had forgotten how great it is for information. I have searched through the past forums and despite finding loads of really useful stuff, couldn’t find an answer for a specific question:
If a 400m runner was suffering from CNS fatigue, what sort of recovery workouts would you all prescribe?
Runner trains in squad that does nearly all fast work with very little recovery/tempo work and is nearly at end of season, with local champs about 3 weeks away. Has history of injury (hamstring, ITB strain) alhtough nothing really serious, just enough to keep interrupting training.
Could flag rest of season and go back into build phase but would welcome suggestions.

CNS recovery entirely depends on the level of CNS fatigue. You could start with a 10day recovery in which only tempo on grass is done to see what the response is.

Yep, that was what I was thinking. Given the time in the season, should tempo sessions be < or > 300s.

I’d stay at 300m and below- mostly below

great! thanks for that, here’s hoping…

is circuit training (using body weight exercises) High Intensity work? :confused:

Man, after the Cf seminar at the gold coast last sunday, i ran a few Training Pb’s in the 150s.
Its now day 9, limited running, limited weights, and today i actualy almost feel like training, it will be tempo, dont feel like speed work today, not yet. My CNS was totally fried. 1.5s Pb’s over 150m… I guess the training leading up to it was going well…
The next two days i was bearly doing anything, so sore.

CNS fatigue, respect it. Its a drainer.

Good news, the tips you got from CF are obviously working. How about posting a journal so we can watch ur progress?

No, things that are high intensity require maximal force output - 95% sprinting, 80%+ weights, plyos etc…