CNS Intensive Training

Video montage from today’s training session.


med ball acceleration looks cool! Keep up the good work!

What position do you play?

Thanks, KK400.

I play Strong Safety/Nickel Back and a small amount of Wildcat QB.

You look huge??

Haha, I weigh 225 and am at best 5’11’’.

Damn, are you trying to get down to 200?

No, I played at 218-220 last year and my speed has improved immensely during this last preparation period; I would like to go into camp around 220 (which is what i weigh in the morning).

My fitness level is high too (3000yds of tempo, 2000+ abs, and 1500+ extensive MB per week); I have always had a problem with lower back fat and that camera really accentuates it haha

Yeh man, your midsection look huge. What’s your bodyfat?

I’m not sure; I’d guess between 15-18%.

Trust me the camera looks awful cause I have my shorts pulled up and all of my skin is pushed up too.

Watch the hurdle spacing on those jumps. They are much too close together and could end badly for you (catch a knee on the way up, or catch your tailbone on the way down). Otherwise, everything looks good.

I was thinking the same thing. You see some people put the hurdles too far apart but I agree, those are simply too close.

There is a bar that supports the hurdle that is about 2 inches from the end of the lateral bars that limits the landing area; if I jump from behind it, it is too far, if I jump from in front of it, is is almost too close but better, thus this is why I have them spaced the way they are.

I really wish I had access to hurdles that did not have this support bar and did not have the curved lateral supports but sharp 90 degree angles.

Thanks for the compliments.

But I do have one question, in the Hill run, I do not quite get full extension in my support leg at the beginning of my start.

I believe I have a requisite level of suppleness and mobility around the hip girdle, along with good strength in my legs, but is this an issue of one of the two or am I just being nit-picky? (it is hard to slow down the video to see it but I can when I do slow-mo/freeze-frame on my computer).