Clyde Hart training

i was watching to day aljeezera sports channel and they got a documentry on Clyde Hart and how he produced olymic gold medalist sprinters specially in the 400 meters micheal johnson ,Jeremy Wariner he said he never told his players to run at FULL Speed in training or do time trials instead he did speed runs with relatively short recovery forcing the player not to run 100% and thus avoiding hurting themselves
Charlie please tell me ur piont of view

The two philosophies are quite different. This has been discussed at length before search for Clyde Hart on the forums or look at the Lactic Tollerence thread.

It isn’t possible to avoid injuries by training at lower speeds because, at some point, you must race a full speed, and, if there’s too big a difference between practice and race speeds, you can get into trouble in the meet.

and i have never heard of distance runners being free from injuries either!! They dont do much max speed sessions either generally.