clyde hart program

is anyone familiar with the clyde hart 200 training program?? it has alot of ins and outs and has options for 100/200 and 200/400 type runners… just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it, or experiences with it, and what a young athlete should do if using the program as guidelines

Obviously people have had success but as a young athlete you need to develop your ability to run, jump, throw and perform controlled acceleration and top speed work. Then once those are in place you can work on endurance and speed endurance. From what I have seen Hart’s program would work better for someone with an established base of speed work who needed to work on their endurance.

clyde hard program: recruit like a mofo

hahaha good point

i started on this the other day… and it was 12 200ms at 36 with 3 min recovery… it was really easy, is it supposed to be, or is there some way of setting the pace for yourself

I’m not surprised that was easy! I think Hart’s work has a progression from very easy to pretty challenging, not in terms of speed, but due to the volume and recovery.

In the sessions I have done from Harts program that is what I have found.