Here is something that has yet to be discussed,(might be a reason for it).
What do members wear when sprinting - bodysuits ,split shorts ,tights ,midcuts ,thongs ,bikinis ,nothing …?
What do you find are most comfortable?

Yes i will send a phote and a video, when i get the equipment to do that.

Stop X - please - no more encouragement - especially - no photos … !!!


interesting thread mate :clap:

hmm, before i start running its just daggy tracksuit, then as i get warmer i progressively strip until im wearing just lycra shorts and singlet, or ato boldon style with black tights and no top…

does he ever wear a top when he trains???

totally depends on climate and weather conditions

Originally posted by X-Man
totally depends on climate and weather conditions

Not for me, thongs and nothing else all year round.

Outdoor training either 1 or 2 pairs of tights plus t-shirt/sweater depending on the weather. Some sprinters reckon tights (only talking 1 pair here) restricts their movement, but I think this is just imaginary. What do you think?

richard in the past i’ve been very glad wearing 2 pairs of tights with no actual fact i would have worn womans tights if i could,thats if they really do work-of course:P

Well last year i use to wear shades in all weather conditions. I usaully wear a nike track suit or adidasall times.

But this year i have taken off the shades because i wnt people to see my face, and if any sprinters that i will see around the stadium i want then to see me. All the people who i will compete against i will just starr at them with no exspress i won’t even shake hands with them at the begining.

The trainners i wear are ADIDAS CLIMA COOL and i were NIKE AIR MAX.

When i compete i just go naked, my club coaches just said to the UKATHLETICS that i have mental problems and track and feild is the only thing that is keeping me alive.

Well i remeber once when i was doing the rely (i was naked naked all out) i was runing the thrid leg and when i tried to hand the batton over my team mate grabed my ???

JUST KIDDING PEOPLE JUST KIDDING, i have a professional image.

I wear a vest and split nike shorts with little nike socks and asiscs spikes. They are the best spikes i have had in my life they are dead comfortable and support me.

I don’t wear no chains or rings.

cool your very co-ordinated indeed.good man,nike and addidas go well together plus asics of course

co-ordinated!! haha… that was funny X.

In training on warm days i go out in adidas wind pants, shorts, and spandex shorts underneath. and i wear a tee shirt ,sleevelsss shirt and nike dri fit tank top underneath. as i am warming up i take layers off. i also wear a nike headband and 1 wristband. and take off the wristband if i need to wear my nike watch to time a workout.

my rule is if its coooler than 60 degrees i wear long tights.

On the track. Tights, singlet and long sleeve top, beanie and gloves during winter night sessions.

I usual wear the above unless it is seriously warm (anything above 25 degree celsius).

When i am in training i just wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Also i wear my adidas spikes. (powerfull shit).

When it is cold i just wear track suit bottoms.

I don’t like wearing tights because it makes me feel gay! even when i compete i don’t like wearing lycra shorts. I am 5"10 1/2 and 10stone 1lb and when i wear lyrca it makes me feel weird.

Soemtimes wehn it is hot in training i just take my shirt off! and train. I like doing this because these girls who go to the gym always watch and cheer me on. Sometimes it destracts e but it makes me try and impress on every run.

shumon apparently lyric isn’t used because “it makes you look gay”.LC wore lycra shorts all the time for a reason,trust me there is a reason for lycra materials but i’m not 100% sure aboput my reason.has anyone got any valid uses why lycra is used

i might try and find a yellow body suit to go with my asics spikes.

what you got,the yellow/blue shoes.hmm you’ll look like the green machine-dennis mitchell…you got to send us photos shumon

good man shumon,make sure you put it on the humourous and things that make us laugh thread.

haha, thats for sure.

i was talking to some coaches at the simplot games and we were watching a 22 footish long jumper competing in a baggy shirt and basketball shorts, and they said that these could be taking up to a mile an hour off his speed. that can’t be true can it?

Seems like everybody wears tight clothing in competition so as to reduce drag.