Clip of a tall guy running the 60 in 7s?

:wink: Does anybody have a clip of a tall and lanky guy running the 60 in around 7 seconds?
This would be good for inspiration, and hopefully not just for me.

How tall do you consider tall?

6 feet 1 inches and over, though a clip with anyone running around 7 seconds will do.

Here is a guy who trains at the track I train at. He’s 6-1, 180lbs. It’s not a clip, but it may still serve as some inspiration.

Brunson is one of those largely unknown/underrated Us sprinters there are some of in every generation it seems.

“Between a Rock and a hard place – If you don’t know who Andrew Rock of Wisconsin La Crosse is, you should know by now. The defending NCAA Division III Champion and record holder whipped the competition while rolling to a 45.29 clocking last outdoor season. After running 46.96 on a flat 200 meter indoor track, Rock could challenge to be the best collegiate 400 meter runner across all divisions after 2004 is complete.”

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This might work for you. If you don’t know this guy yet, you will very, very soon.

How about JJ Johnson, my inspiration. He is 6’3", 210 lbs and runs a 6.56 60m. Hows that!!!

I’m 6’2", 190 lbs…I’m at least a second off his time!!!

Terrence Trammel, another quick tall guy who runs 6.50’s.

Don’t let being tall hold you back.