Clemson's coaching corner...

Since I don’t compete…let me show the high school coaching side of things…

First meet of the year and things were nice at the tri meet.

Girls 100 : 1,2
Girls 200: 1,3
Girls 300h: 1,2
Girls 400: 2,5

Boys 100: 2,3? (Both Freshman)
Boys 200: 1,4
Boys 400: 1with a coasting win…should be 49.0 end of year

Boys 4x400 won
Girls 4x100 went 1,2

Didn’t get times on most of the events since I was watching…

not bad for the first meet

Season Goals

M:200 (21.7 FAT)
M:400 (49.15 FAT)

G:100 (12.4 FAT)
G:200 (25.1 FAT)
G:300 hurdles (46.2-- first year running the hurdles)

M 4x400 3:25

Girls 4 x 100 class champs…

Good weather this may will…cause others to pay…


looks like it was Clemsons internal championship. :slight_smile:

Things went great today and we got to look at some athletes in different light. We used a 4 x 1 with two other legs and qualified for the state class meet for our boys. The head coach was brilliant. It was the first time I have been hugged as a coach in years.

Our relay (4x400m) was the fastest in the state in the Boston Globe. We decided to sit out our best 400 guy cause he wasn’t 100% and this is why we kick booty here.

We rested a few kids and played with the line up since we peak when it counts…and this feels so liberating! The weather has been gross for a while but we had plenty of PRs today and kids were rolling. I had more donuts and coffee…

Magico and Fluke…be ready.

we want times…
or at least I do.

Why? some kid goes 22.3? that is not important.

Then what is important?
Should I look at a 49 and be happy because I WON, and not be disgusted because I am capable of a 46 or better but I haven’t done it yet? I can’t be satisfied with myself running those times, it doesn’t matter than I won with it. And that satisfaction IS important.
Since you tell your runners to beat me and use me for motivation, naturally I want to know where they’re at and get motivated myself.

I will get the times I want on my own, regardless.

Who is gunning for you? The fact is that the athletes look at the top times and want to be the best. All I care about are best efforts and improvement… :frowning:

I would be happier finishing eighth and doing a personal best, than in finishing first and swimming a poor time.

Today was great…

At our tri meet my sophmore sprinter was only a meter behind the current state champ…after this summer of gpp work I know that will be snatched.

Our state leading 4 x 400 cruised for a solid win…

We have 6 100m girls qualified for the class meet

our 200m guy had a huge PR in the 100m to help his speed…(I will look at video since hand times are allways suspect.)

I can’t wait for our state meets…with rounds and FAT, we will see how sophisticated my athletes are.

Today was the highlight of my coaching career…on the far side of my track I got to see my 4 x 400 go from 8th (poor seed from the previous meet-winds were insane) to third in the company of Krasnayfluer, an athlete I admire. We broke the school record and each leg battled like men. While we didn’t win, each had a great time (PBs)

Magico and Fluke were the best coaches out on the track. Each kid ran smooth and looked like college runners. They are the best sprint coaches in the state. In 8 years of coaching I have had about 80 school records or more…this was the most important. My athletes did their best…it was so emotional i felt like that spelling bee kid!

Thanks Charlie for your expertise…

Congrats Clemson! Nice work.

yes, very well done, your coaching ability is shown through their improvements

your guys looked great, especially the first leg.
must have been the oatmeal! :wink:

Congratulations Clemson! I’m sure there will be many, many more school records to come.

Thanks for the props…the oatmeal was indeed magical! Now for more projects…