Since you seem to have a mastery of this subject I would like to ask a couple questions.

  1. As far as diet goes I have very little knowledge,

  2. but from what I think I am understanding correctly, eat complex carbs(starches) with the first meal because insulin levels are highest at that point?

  3. And until during and after workout high protein/low carb, and during/after workout up the carbs(I think with fruits/veggie’s).

  4. In my attempt to follow this I was eating a huge breakfeast, then downing tons of protein shakes until I worked out, which at that point I would eat a lot of fruits and veggie’s, possibly a bowl of cereal and whatever was cooked for dinner(my family is creole, so normally a huge dinner consisting of a meat).

  5. I know this is a very simplistic view, but is this a correct one?

  6. I will even post a picture where the chubbiness is apparent, however I dont think its too bad for a 35lb gain since feb.

Go to his website and read all the articles. The two meals which should contain grain forms of carbohydrates are breakfast and PWO. The volume of work you do will determine whether you need any additional carb meals.


I was going to tell a bad joke about you being between two women…but let’s get serious here.

35 fucking pounds? This is serious from a long term perspective. Many programs I have done before CFTS and some have worked very well and some have failed…but I noticed that long term development was best with vertical integration with some modification for swimming (track was the obvious start and it work great for our sprinters).

From a response in the sleep wake cycle the importance of a “good” eating breakfast is supported by documentation and research.

I don’t want to hint on something but a new product may be comming out soon that will improve glucose updake and regulation (“Cascade Pro”).

I would stay with solids and only go postworkout with Syntax Nectar and your own fast acting sugars…straight dextrose will be fine for most weight training but track athletes should go with a blend. Also start off small and build the dose and frequency if you are getting leaner…if you get leaner and improve but stall…go back and spike less frequent and less high.

Casein in the morning and night as well as your berardi combos…make sure you calculate your caloric needs for carbs with my high octane series.

maybe I am meant to get big, because as soon as I started lifting maximal weights twice a week the weight just kept coming on(and I am actually leaner too). Thank you though, I will look through your site and examine Berardi’s guidelines. Haha Id like to hear the joke. Man but cmon, you gotta love dem aviators!!!Krans, them junks is hot aint they?!

If you are getting leaner that’s a good direction to be in…

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