Clemson: Clemson Baseball In-Season Strength/Speed Maintenance

Any knowledge of Clemson’s In-Season Strength Training and Speed Maintenance (For OF’s). I don’t know if you know this, but unlike any other sport that I know of, baseball is funny in that they deemphasize training in-season due to the amount of games and the way that it does not directly affect the ability to throw and hit (this is my perception in HS and I’m sure that it gets lesser this way as you go up but is still not a chief concern).



I use the Avatar Clemson because of Speed Trap and how that book changed my life and made me want to coach…I did not attend that university.

See my interview on my site for my baseball experience…first hand at the MLB level…I made no impact and it paid my college bills.

You must then have an idea after working with the Devil Rays of what type of program they followed. Let me know if you know.


Also…this is not…if Rupert finds the posts helpfull then fine. I don’t want to disrespect Charlie…but I based most of my training off of his methods.