Clemson can you give me your opinion

As our resident nutrition guru and part of the High Performance High Council you guys have here, I was hoping you could give me your opinion with regards to the supplements that my sponsor makes, and which to take and how often.

The web site address is:

unfortunately the site is in spanish, but the nutritional information is pretty easy to translate I think. Each product has a little table which when clicked on opens up and gives all the breakdown.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I would also like to thank you for your time and knowledge.

Cheers, Alex.

What product…also don’t put my name on a thread…this is not! I want to show the man respect…

most of the products look “commercial…” anything you use? why that company…shipping?

In his training journal he says he is sponsored and so he gets those supps for free.

come on,go easy on the guy.hes just asking for the best advice he can get with no harmful intention.this maybe but we all are here to help each other and give genuine advice.

The USN-company has a product - Alpha Nitrox. Any comment? Anybody?

“RECOMENDACIONES DE USO: Consumir Carbo Fuel 30 a 45 minutos antes del entrenamiento para sobrecarga de energía y/o inmediatamente después para reponer glicógeno intramuscular y hepático.”"

I would use this with the olympia mix to make your own post workout formula. Since the the whey is “sin” carbs you will need it to drive the aminos into your bloodstream.

ok so mix up the carbo fuel with the olympic mix to get a cool PWO drink. What about aminos, creatine etc… anyone have any advice??

Thanks all by the way

BCAA’s are great…creatine is ok for some athletes for some periods of training.

so what would the creatine protocol be? because from what I know it fills the cell with water (so it increases weight) any advice… anyone?

Clemson, Any reason why your showing us your midriff in the picture???..

I requested that picture of Clemson for my girlfriend. I am a bit heavy these days and she needs something to get her motivated.

but is it really clemson or one of his lab rats??? :stuck_out_tongue: