Alot of sprinters seem to do circuits in GPP. Are they mainly done for lactic tolerance, and how are the hamstrings incorporated?

They are aerobic and for general strength

Quick: Agreed!! there may be some anaerobic exercises perfomred but for the most part its aerobic to build a strong “base” for the next phase in periodization. As far as the hams, I dont think they are specifically targeted, it is as Quick said, mainly to get yer general fitness/strength levels up.

I think when it comes to circuits the best way to get the hammies is in a movement which also hits a number of other muscle groups. Good mornings, hypers, reverse hypers etc are quite good in this respect.

Can you plz describe what “good mornings” are?


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Can you plz describe what “good mornings” are?

thnx [/b]

Remember to wear your imaginary belt.

I should have been clearer. I meant body weight circuits, where gym machines may not be available. I can think of one ham exercise. Lie on your back with your feet on a box etc, legs straight and then lift your backside off the floor as far as possible, and then back down. Repeat for desired reps.

Are circuits needed for areobic conditioning when we have tempo?

I feel circuits may be more valuable for lactic tolerance.

That is an excellent glute-ham exercise that has variations as well. As for Aerobic conditioning … circuits mainly help increase my muscular endurace (ie-lactic tolerance). It can be construed as the same type of work on the track but it’s different

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Are circuits needed for areobic conditioning when we have tempo?

Pfaff uses circuits in place of tempo. Just a different approach.

Richard, I think that serious lactate tolerance training has to be done on the track.

I get the feeling from the high reps thread in the strength forum that bodyweight circuits are now not the norm in GPP, atleast for seniors with decent training age?