Chronicles of Herbert : Fight Saga

It is time that I began a new Saga here on I plan to compete in the World Freestyle Fighting Championships in BC, Canada in November in the Middleweight Division (76.0 kg/ 167.5 lbs).

Shooto bouts for level B fighters consist of 2 x 5minute rounds with 1 minute rest in between rounds. I will record my workouts as best as I can, although they are often inconsistent. I hope to organize the training routine and bring it up to date as far as recovery and regeneration is concerned. One thing my fightclub knows how to do is train. Due to the nature of this sport, Speed and Power are essential, yet at the same time, so is Endurance.

Rules Short List


(1) Mouthguard and Groin protector (for males)

(2) Official Shooto gloves - The laces or straps of the gloves must covered with self-adhesive tape

(3) Boxing or kickboxing trunks, full length tights or athletic shorts

(4) Men may not wear top apparel, women shall wear a short sleeve or sleeveless athletic top

(5) No foot ware or nasal strips

(6) Competitors may wear approved nylon, Lycra, or neoprene sleeves or approved knee pads on joints

(7) Hands and ankle wraps must be no more than 1/4 inch thick and approved by the SHOOTO Commissioner

(8) Hair must be trimmed and/or pulled back

(9) Finger nails and toe nails must be properly trimmed

(10) Competitors should be neatly shaven with no abrasive facial hair

(11) Hair styling products and cosmetics must be thoroughly washed off

(12) No greases, oils or similar substances may be worn

(13) No metal, plastic or abrasive materials including jewelry may be worn


(1) Weigh-ins will be conducted within 24 hours of the scheduled event start time, on an approved scale

(2) The weight classes and their maximum allowable weights are as follows:

-Flyweight (FLW) 52.0 kg 114.6 lbs
-Bantamweight (BW) 56.0 kg 123.5 lbs
-Featherweight (FW) 60.0 kg 132.3 lbs
-Lightweight (LW) 65.0 kg 143.3 lbs
-Welterweight (WW) 70.0 kg 154.3 lbs
-Middleweight (MW) 76.0 kg 167.5 lbs
-Light Heavyweight (LHW) 83.0 kg 183.0 lbs
-Cruiserweight (CW) 91.0 kg 200.6 lbs
-Heavyweight (HW) 110.0 kg 242.5 lbs
-Super Heavyweight (SHW) - -


(1) Each competitor is required to have at least one cornerman but no more than three

(2) The one conerman will be known as the second, and only he/she may enter the ring during the 1-minute rest period

(3) The second may throw in the white towel to end the bout

(4) Cornermen may have water, bucket(s), a stool, towels, ice, tape, gauze, scissors, cotton swabs and styptic

(5) Cornermen shall manage the corner

(6) Cornermen must remain standing on the arena floor outside of their competitor’s designated corner

(7) Cornermen will behave in a professional manner at all times


(1) The referee will halt the bout by saying “STOP” and restart the bout by saying “GO”

(2) The bout may be stopped to check a competitor for an apparent injury, replace a mouthguard, fix equipment, to clear competitors of the ropes, or if a dangerous foul has been committed

(3) The bout will be restarted if an injured competitor is cleared to continue, a mouthguard was replaced, equipment was fixed, or competitors were removed from the ropes

(4) If at any time there is an extended lull in the action the referee may restart the bout


(1) A knockdown is when any part of a competitor’s body touches the mat solely as the result of a strike

(2) The opponent must stand in a neutral corner

(3) The referee will perform a 10-count. The competitor has until the count of 10 to return to a standing position

(4) There is a mandatory standing 8-count

(5) Three knock downs in a single round will end the bout

(6) The 10-count will continue even if the round has ended


(1) The referee will declare a “Catch” when a competitor isolates one of his opponent’s extremities, secures a recognizable legal submission hold on the isolated extremity, and asserts his/her position while applying pressure to the hold such that it is apparent that a tapout is imminent

(2) Once the “Catch” has been declared the “Caught” competitor may surrender, escape or counter the hold. The referee may terminate the bout if the hold remains secured for a prolonged interval


(1) Fair maneuvers are:

  • closed hand strikes and shoulder butts
  • kicks, foot stomps and knee strikes
  • grappling and submission techniques
  • throws, sweeps and takedowns

(2) Foul maneuvers are:

  • head-butting
  • elbow or forearm strikes
  • striking the spine or throat
  • twisting or bending fingers or toes
  • attacking the groin
  • kicking or kneeing the head of an opponent in a downed position
  • open hand strikes
  • biting or expectorating on an opponent
  • eye gouging
  • scratching or pulling hair
  • putting fingers in opponent’s orifices
  • poking, pinching, clawing or gouging an opponent with the fingertips, knuckles, chin or elbows
  • grabbing and holding the ropes or opponent’s attire
  • using a foreign object to attack or defend
  • intentionally spitting out the mouthguard
  • intentionally leaving or pushing the opponent out of the ring
  • attacking an opponent in between rounds, under the referee’s care or in a way that is meant to intentionally cause injury
  • unsportsmanlike conduct
  • blatant disregard for the referee’s instructions
  • intentionally avoiding contact or stalling


(1) Intentional fouls may result in a 1-point deduction, three of which will result in a disqualification

(2) If the intentionally fouled competitor is unable to continue the fouling competitor will be disqualified

(3) One flagrant foul may result in a disqualification

(4) Unintentional fouls may result in a 1-point deduction, continuous may result in a disqualification

(5) If the unintentionally fouled competitor is unable to continue then a technical decision will be rendered

(6) If the foul is a minor infraction that does not present an immediate danger to either competitor then a verbal warning and any necessary point deductions will be issued without halting the action

(7) If the foul is of a dangerous nature then the referee will halt the bout to assess the condition of the fouled competitor and issue a verbal warning as well as any necessary point deductions

(8) Fouled competitors will be given no more than 5-minutes to recuperate

(9) When holding the ropes or opponent’s attire the referee will issue the verbal warning and will swat lightly at the competitor’s hand in order to urge him to release the ropes or attire








(7) DRAW (DRW)




Current Weight: 198Lbs

I am at the age where I can’t take any more time off (from training, not including recovery and rest periods). I am 28.

I work for a supplement distribution company and have access to proteins, energy drinks, recovery drinks, ZMA, vitamins EFAs etc, so this won’t be a hindrance. Mostly all I use it Protein, ZMA, and a post workout carb/vitamin/protein drink.

I have just aquired access to rubberized weights (hard to come by in my city–Kelowna–).

I train with the British Columbia Interior Martial Arts Academy with Team Toshido under David Lea ( The guys I train with are hardcore and don’t mess around at all.

I have alot of Boxing and Karate experience in the past, and currently train mostly Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, and No Holds Barred Grappling.

Damn herb you can’t wear hair gel??? how are you gonna kick ass and look good at the same time??? :wink:

Just some light training tonight to get back into the swing of things. My 17 year old sprinter wasn’t comming out of the blocks relaxed so I had to show him how it is done. I ran 30m x 3 with flats with my best time being 3.90sec hand time. Then I ran 80m x 1 in about 9.60seconds hand time (ouch. Hard on the ego). Then I cooled down. Once per week I will be doing explosive sprints (not 80m any more though for the time being till I am in better shape and lighter).

Time for my post workout drink.

I look good even without the Gel.

NOTE TO SELF never piss off Herb on the offchance we may meet 1 day :smiley:

Good luck fella.

Usage: English, German, French
Pronounced: HUR-burt (English), er-BER (French)
Derived from the Germanic elements heri “army” and beraht “bright”. This name was introduced to Britain by the Normans.

Usage: English, French
Pronounced: CHAHR-ulz (English), SHARL (French)
From the Germanic name Karl, which was derived from a Germanic word which meant “man”. The most noteworthy bearer of this name was Charles the Great, commonly known as Charlemagne, a king of the Franks who came to rule over most of Europe. Several Holy Roman Emperors bore this name, as well as kings of England, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and Hungary. Other famous bearers include naturalist Charles Darwin who revolutionized biology with his theory of evolution, and novelist Charles Dickens who wrote such works as ‘Great Expectations’ and ‘A Tale of Two Cities’.

Know we know who the “Man” is.

Damn, Herb. How’s your training going? I just got into an impromptu match with 2 women from my gym. I won by slamming one and armbarring the other! This was my first time fighting with women and it is a good deal more fun :smiley: The only downside is my upper arms and chest were bruised for weeks.

My training is going awesome. I am saving up money so that my Trainer can get some consulting with Charlie. I can’t say that I have it in me to ever slam a woman to the ground. The last non-trained fighter I put in an armbar is still complaining that it is hurt (months later). I dont’ play fight anymore except with my nephews, so that they don’t get pushed around by bullies (although the one is turning into a bully and therfore I have not shown him the Dim Mak yet).

Hey Herb, since yer training in Canada in Jiu-Jitsu, do you know a sun-sey (sp?) named John Dockerdi? (sp again?)

Also, you have to be clean shaven? no facial hair? jeez, does that include no Go-T’s or mustache’s?? I understand the logic, but kinda picky.

It is 38 degrees here in Kelowna BC.

5 min jog.
1 hour MedBall Explosive throws
5 min jog; 1 min rest; 5 min jog.
5 x (1 min walk, 10 pushups)

Vito, I do not know John Dockerdi.

BC, I know an Aikido (sp?) expert that is, from what I have heard, ranked 3rd in the country. I can’t remember his name, but they call him Mustard.


good luck in November!!!,

You listed your weight at 198 lbs now. And your planning on competing at 167 lbs. Thats 32 lbs to loss. Are you at this point that overweight? Also, how tall are you. I’m sorry, i train amateur boxers and have been associated in the past with a mixed gym of boxers and MuyThai kick-boxers (i just love boxing, the kick boxing scares the hell out of me, one of our 156 lbs fighters broke a competitor’s leg with a single kick in a competition in Richmond Va. They took the guy out on a stretcher :frowning: ). Does height work to your advantage in MMA like it does in boxing??

I think the goal of 167 lbs is a good one if its realistic. I think, at least in boxing, the hardest discipline is to cut weight to where you need be. Most fighters as they get older just keep going up in weight and blame it on age and increased muscle, when in fact its laziness. Marvin Hagler never competed anywhere but middleweight for 15 years. Bernard Hopkins’s first professional fight was at lightheavy (177 lbs) (and he lost!). Then he got serious and has been at 160 lbs for 15 years, and he makes 160 from just plane hard work.
On the flip side take a look at Mike Tyson’s fights when he comes in under 215 lbs or when he comes in over 215 lbs, its like night and day in terms of speed and endurance. Also, bear in mind if you’re in pretty good shape now and have been a weight trainer, and the 198 lbs is good muscle, what happened to Roy Jones, who used weights to go up from 175 to 198 to fight heavyweight. When he decided to come back down to 175 for Tarver, things didn’t go so well. I think the Jones case is a good one for fighters (boxers anyways) to go sparringly on the weight work. It was alot harder on Jones’s body to loss 23 lbs of muscle that he’d put on than, i think if he’d just been sitting around eating potato chips and put on 23 lbs of fat.

Again, good luck,
bust your ass,
November is tomorrow


Rough sleep last night. Good workout today!

I downloaded some good fighter highlight movies from today and it got me motivated. The new Randy Couture and the new Vanderlei Silva. They are among my top 3 fighters. 1. Vitor Belfort. 2. Randy. 3. Vanderlei.

Warm-up (with stretches and some push-ups)

Round 1: (5 minutes)
MedBall Pushups
Shadow Boxing

Rest 1 min

Round 2 (5 min)
MedBall Twists
MedBall Weaves
Thai Shadow Boxing

4 minutes rest.

Round 3 and 4 (5 min each)

This was a level 2 workout and therefore I had 2 scoops of my post workout drink. 30 minutes later a contrast shower followed by 54grams of whey Isolate (chocolate) mixed with Orange Juice (I was feeling like my cells were screaming for something more than just protein).

What a rough workout. I feel completely drained.


10 x (50 @ 65% walk 50m 10 abs)

My tempo for the past 28 years has been at around 40% and I decided to shorten the distance and go at a higher intensity. Woah, what a difference. I am pooped. Thank-goodness for my emergency stash of energy bars in my car as well cause there was quite the detour on the way home. Time for a contrast shower and some protein (the energy bar had plenty of carbs).


What brought about this new direction?


I have a question from a buddy that does Ultimate Fighting competitions.

Would tempo work better than old school road work for recovery days from sparring?

FYI hes an ex football player type.

NcJay the answer is a loud yes.

nycjay01, this is what Charlie has said in regards to road work and boxing:

Thanks man. This should help him out.

Good luck!

Just an old direction becomming manifest. I have been into martial arts since I was 8 or 9 years old. I wasn’t allowed to do Karate when all the other kids were so maybe I am just rebelling still from those days. Track is a real passion of mine but I am injured as far as top end sprinting is concerned. I used to box and which was fun, and do Karate, but they weren’t real enough for me and with Karate, it was very frustrating because there were so many rules, which can make it so a 14 year old girl can beat a 30 year old man. NHB was the next logical step. I am getting older so it is time to do something with what I have been given. I hope to apply what I have learned through track to my fighting.