Chris6878's journal.

Been supremely lazy with my journal.
Had a few meets this season. Been stuck at 11.4. In my defense I’ve been a lil heavy in the weight and I was still in a heavy lifting phase.

Last meet was 3 weeks ago. Since then I’ve dropped the squats and deads in favor of pc hc and bench. Ive had much better and less sore workouts because of this. I’ve also lost 4-5 pounds since.

This past Sunday I had a great workout. I did 2x10,2x20, 30 2x80 all from blocks. Finished with a standing 120 into the wind at 13.7. I was a lil tired by then. I went to the gym for pcleans. 5,4,3,2. I’ve been tired the last two days after the workout. Cns was beat up, I’m starting to feel better today, 4/11/12. I’ve got a meet Saturday night. I should be recovered by then.

Ive been working on for the past few weeks at pushing through the ground during my drive phase. Getting complete steps and powering through. I’ve ran an average of 6.2 60m fly with 10m run up this last 3 weeks. This tells me the top speed is good but my start is boo boo. My reaction is good I’m just not doing anything during my drive phase. I’ve gon to a higher foot placement on my blocks which has giving me better landing and explosion out of the blocks.

I did back and 10x100 tempo yesterday Tuesday. I got therapy Monday and did no running. On Tuesday I still felt drained from Sunday. Today I have bench in the gym. Gonna try a spec end session. 250 in spikes, 200 in flats and ploys. I’m gonna go based on how I feel. If I struggle too much with the 250 then I will just do tempo and call it a day.

My wed workout was pretty lazy, as I suspected. I did 250,200. Took spikes off after the 250. It turned into a tempo day. I finished with abs and pushups
Thursday was just a warm up. Had to coach.
Friday the 13 today will be a ore meet workout.
Warmup and about 3 block start 20s

Abs stretch pushups

Had to lift and do ploys before I hit the track. I also had to coach before I trained.
30 depth jumps
Hcleans 5,5,4,4,3

After I finished with my athletes I drove home to rest for 30 mins and eat.
I knew I wasn’t gonna have a fast workout.
I didn’t bother to time. Just worked on form.


Pull ups and downs. 4 sets
Rows 8,6,5
Bench 5x5 225
No running had a meet with athletes

Elms-hams quads and glutes.

1800 meters worth of runs. 100to 200m.

4/20 off

Speed end
I’ve been doin a sub max run before the workout to warmup. I did 150x1 today and rest 10 min
4x30 blocks I ran between 4.0 and 3.9. I was working on power and form.
3x80 2 from blocks.
Timed the last 80 in 8.7 from stand.
Ems-ham glutes quads.



Had to hit weights first because I wasn’t fonna be able to hit the track until
Hcleans. 5,5,4,4,3,3. First set was for warmup
Finally hit track after I finished coaching
Planned 200,150. Didn’t happen. Was tired by the time unit track.
Stretch home

Yep back at it. Been training since August. Doing 3 on 1 off workouts. 3 weeks hard 1 easy. I’ve dropped 15 pounds since last season. Had first meet last Thursday 3/14. Ran 11.80 into a neg wind. Had a lot of stuff go wrong, including asthama. Had another meet Saturday the 16th. Ran 11.28 and 23.55. I’ve got some work to do in the 200.

3/18 am weights- Hcleans, depth jumps and box jumps, overhead squat, ghr
Pm tempo-65% runs. 2x5x100@16-17 seconds, 5x200@37-39 secs. Damn that was a lil tiring. Hour massage right after
Meet Saturday the 23rd.

3/19 off, meet with kids abs and back
3/20-3x5x225 bench
3x10. 1x30 bs
2x60m fast 20 easy. felt good

Tempo this morning
5x100 warmup and stretch

16-17s for 100
36s for 200

That middle one in your first set must’ve been a killer… :wink:

Ha, I wish I could run 1000 in 17 sec
^^^^results Whiting

Im plum tuckered out. Just finishing a hard training cycle which included 3 meets in 2 weeks. I felt it today. Start was ok. only thing i can say is i did relax all the way through the races. This week will be a recovery week.

3/24 off
3/26 tempo
5x100 and stretch, big circuit. 100 in 16-18 sec, 200 in 33-38 abs

what are your pbs in the 100m ,squat slj etc …just curious as you have been on this site a long time

Looks like you made a big improvement in the 200m in one week. Good job.

10.38, squat 505 parallel, 200 pr 21.32. These were years ago before my injury…and age. Last few years I’ve been running heavy. I’m dropped about 20 this year so I’m hoping to get back to the mid tens.

Race strategy and confidence building. I jumped into a slow heat on purpose to work on stuff. Slow heats are good for the head. Also some wind helped

3/26 doing this recovery week I’m only hitting the weight room once. Rest will be track/tempo work.
2x500 split runs. 300,200 48,33 seconds
First set took 1:40 rest between 3&2.
Sec set. 10 min break. Ran 53,34 secs with 2:15 rest.
The last set was a killer. Plus the gale force winds didn’t help either.
No spikes done in flats.
Abs tonight.