Chris6878's journal.

3x10 bs to warm up
3x20 bs
med bal
superman x5 overhead x5
2x150 working on form and knee lift walk back recovery. very easy runs

lots of stretching and abs.
didnt hit weights. had to get home.

i have the recipe for 11.3

80,60,40,20 bs
5x10 hurdle hops
2x5 med ball throws

weight room
pclean 3x2x225
jump squats 3x6x40
lunge 3x6x45

just weights
bp 3x3x225
rows- 8,7,6 165,185,195
pullup push up super sets 3x10 pulls 3x50 push

in flats
1x200 5min rest ran bout 85percent
4x100 accel last 30 150m walk back
10 med ball overhead
10x single hop throw
abs circuit

Did you do the 100’s in spikes or trainers?

trainers. i did everything on the field. Should i have spiked up?

For the 100’s I do, because you are suppose to time the 30m portion… They are nothing more then a flying 30.

ok ill try that next time

3x200 5 min rest
warm ups and flats
26.5 26 25

80,60,40,20 bs
10x5 hurdle hops
2x5 med ball throws

WEight room
3x6x225 squats

Man I was tired today. I felt good on the 80 but it was downhill after that. I had no strength in the weight room. After the sorry squats I called it a day

Why so tired?? Tough day at work.

yea i stayed up late playing god of war.

LOL… tapping circle to rip off a minotaur’s head will really tax that CNS!

lol I was up till 1 then I woke up at 5 for work. Im trying to beat it before the new street fighter comes out.

Took wed and thurs off
Fri 4/23
1x200 flats 5min rest
4x100 30 m accel. spikes
med ball
overhead x5 superman x5 pit jumps x3 and plat jumps onto highjump mat x 5
stretch home

2x20 2x50 bs
weight room
bp 3x3x225
row 8-7-6 ,175,185,195

3x10 pullups
3x50 pushups

track filled with kids
6x100 100 walk back in flats avg 14 secs

80,60,40,20 bs
felt excellent
5x10 hurdle hops

weight room
sq 3x4x315
rev lunge 3x6x70
sq jump 3x8x20

legs still sore from last workout
1x200 28sec 5min rest
4x100 30 m accel

weight room
3x3x225 bp
8,7,6 185 195 210 seat row
pull up push up super ser 3x10 3x50

4x20 bs stretch

5x100 warmup
hclean 3x135
j lunge 6x8x20

5x10 bs
80,60,40 bs
3x10 hurdle hops
3x sand pit jumps out the pit
5x overhead med ball

meet saturday.

Didnt run.
I am having an issue with my inner ham groin area. I can sprint but it is very sore.
I took fri and sat off.
I ran sunday. I felt the muscle but it wasnt too bad just tight.
3x20 bs
3x60 bs
2x60 standing
The workout was great. When I got to the standing 60’s I had to back off. THe muscle was feeling tender.
Home and epsolm salt.

Had to take a few days off to heal.

sat 5/15
6x150 tempo abs

sunday warm up 5x100 abs tempo

MOnday 3x200 tempo 31 sec 3-4 min rest
My legs felt real heavy today