Chris6878's journal.

When is your first meet?

i get something similar, I think it’s neural tension… anyway I warm-up for Bench with a press-up circuit, wide, med, narrow, 1 arm above head 1 arm below… all variations, Bruce Lee style.
Just a couple reps on each position and the tightness doesn’t develop. Also digging thumb in there for a compression works well.

I may have to give that a try. I have started rubbing heat on before I workout it helps alot.

spec end
2x150,100 split runs
Felt much faster than last week. Head was spinning after the workout.
2x60sec weighted high knees.

weight room
hang cleans -3,2,2,2,2. 185,205,205,205x.5. lol I crapped out after the 3rd set.
good morning- 8,6,4 135,185,225

tempo and weights
weights- bp 3,3,2,2,2- 205,225,225,245,245
pull down-8,7,7 155,165,165
120 pushups

Taking a needed recovery week. Just gonna lighten the work load a little.
Today I just did some lock starts working on form. No real set plan. I think i did about 6x20 3x30 1x40 bs.
Weight room
pclean-3,2,2 185,205,205
squat-4,4 315
good morning-8,8 135
legs have been feeling tight and sore for the last few weeks. I need to get some therapy bad. gonna try this week.

speed day
2x30 stand
2 sets of 20,30,40,50 bs
plyos x 5
super man, overhead throw, sand pit jumps, i also did the jumps on the highjump mat from the gpp vid

pclean-3,3,2,2,2 185,205,225,225,225
stiff dead-3x6x225

I bet your lower back is stiff as hell!!

lol Yea I was walking funny after the workout. The next day my hams were pretty sore.

Tempo 11/30
bp-3,3,2,2,2 185,205,225,245,255
pull down 8,8,7,7
row same
Abs and push ups inbetween sets

Get your weights up son! :rolleyes:

Dont worry. I almost broke my coller bone a few years back. That took my bench from 330 to 135. ITs coming back.

How much you bench now?

Dont know havent maxed out since. Im guessing with a spot for lift off about 285

Does that really make a huge deal, spot for lift off?

It does for me atleast psychologically. IT just seems easier to me.

Maybe I should give it a try, I never use a spotter. If I go down with it I’m coming up with it.

Yea Well put something on that you aint tried in a looong time and see

Tried to do a spec end day. It didnt go as planned
Started warming up. Legs felt decent not too bad. when I was stretchin i noticed my quads, calfs hams twtching. I spiked up and did about 4 20s and a couple 30s. each one was terrible. I said screw it and went to the spec end. Planned on doing a 300. It turned into a 250m tempo run. I felt like ass. legs sore, flat no power nothing. I then decided to rest and run a 150…even worse. I called it a night after that and went home. cns fatigued had killed me.

HUH? I thought you were coming off an unload week? Seems like you been torch lately.