Chris6878's journal.

3x6x50m. Felt good again today. THese were alot tougher than the 20 m hills.
2x10 med ball accls. I love doling these.

Weight room
P clean-6,4,4,3 165,175,175,185. Felt easy
Bench -4x6x185
Pull downs, Seated press, Abs, curls and tri’s

Your training look random, what kind of progression are you following with your speed work etc?

Right now Im doing my gpp. 7 weeks this is my second week. I will be on the hills for about 3 more weeks before I start sleds and some track work accelleration.

Looks intense. How do these volumes compare to the volume you’ve done in prior GPP work?

Why the jump from 20m hills to 50m hills in such a short time period? What’s the point of going from hills to sleds?

I have done them before but I didnt do the 40-50 meter hills because I didnt have any around. The med ball was tough at first but i got used to it.

actually the hill I was at was only 20m the workout called for 10x10,10x20m, 10x30 hills for 3 practices. I did 10x10 and 20x20 the first time the next practice I did 3x10x20m because I wanted to get some kind of stimulus from it and because I didnt have the 30 I had to make up for it somehow.

This weeks practice I am to do 3x6x40m. I found a new hill, it is far from my house tho. I went today. As I was doing it at the end of the 2nd set I mesured it and discovered I was doing 50m instead of 40, I just finished the workout anyways. Do you think I should keep it at 40?
I have about 3-4 more weeks of 40 meter hills. I can send you the workout but I think I may have given it to you already.

AS for the sleds my partner is eager to do them so I was just gonna throw some in.

Man today was tough.
I did 10x100 tempo yesterday
Today I discovered that the hill I was running is really 40meters.
Workout-3x6x40m hills 2.5 min rest
med ball- 10 overhead,10 sq throw, 10 single hop, 10 dob hop, 10 trip hop.
This workout took so long and I still had to hit the weights

pcleans-5,4,4,3 155,165,165,185
bench-10,10,8,8 165,165,185,185
deads–6,6,6,6 225,275,275,275
push press-4x10 95,95,115,135
pull down 3x12
row- 4x10

8/19 tempo 5x200. I was tired and sore.
Felt good. a lil sore but not bad
3x6x40m hills.
Med acc 1 and 2. 10 of each.
Starting to adapt to this workout. It is not hurting as much

weight room
P cleans 6,4,4 170,185,195
squats- 10,10,8,8 225,225,275,275
incline- 10,10,8,8 135,135,165,165
stiff leg deads-4x10 135
seated rows 3x12
lat pulls 4x10
I was done after this. Too tired for abs and shoulder press. Damn gpp takes so long.

man this was a tiring workout today. Maybe it was the sun.
4x5x40m hills. I had a longer rest but damn it was a killer workout.

Weight room I think I have been following my schedule for the weights wrong So today I did it a little different

=P cleans-4x6 135,135,165,165 was tired
bench 4x5-185,185,205,225. Strugled on the last set a little
Squat- 4x4- 275,315,365,365 Would have gone higher but I was fatigued
seated row- 3x12
seated press 3x10
stiff deads 3x10
pull down 4x10
abs in between.

Cant wait to start sprinting

My training time is usually shorter in gpp and much long in spp.

Why is that?

Today tempo

Shorter sprints, lower intensity sets = shorter rest breaks btw sets etc.

4x5x40 hills. wasnt too tuff
Med ball overhead, squat, single, doub and triple 6 on each.

pclean 4x6 135 135 165 165. I was tired
dead- 6,4,4,4 275,315,335,335
push press-3x10 135
pull down and row 3x10

5x100 5x200 3x100

4x5x40 hills. tired form work
Med ball accels 1 and 2 8x

hangclean 3x6 135 135 135. I didnt have energy for power clean
squat- 4x4-275,315,365,365
incline- 4x8 135,185,185,185
pull down and row 3x10
shoulder press- 3x10
abs. Damn I am happy this week is over. cant wait to hit the track.

Was that your last week of GPP?

no I still got a week or two of hills before I start track work. Im doing the full 7 weeks. My time last season were horrible.

going heavy on the squats in gpp.

Haha sounds like you learned your lesson…Did you slack off during your GPP last year?

BTW since your in Sunny Florida are you running indoors? If you are what are you doing for Speed End and Special Endurance??


Yea I came off a quad injury and didnt retrain it like I need to. My gpp was garbage last year.
Yea Ima hit some indoor meets this year. For speed end ima hit 60-80 meters until outdoor. for spec end ima kill 300’s. I want to not fear the 200 like I did last season.