chris6878 race results 4/10/04

I ran down at the miami gatorade meet. I saw lauryn when she ran that damn 11.01. After she ran that i was teasing all the guys in the bull pen that they run better under 11. most of the guys laughed, but some didnt. I guess they were the ones that didnt break 11?
I felt great i was ready to roll. I got to the start and they had some blocks i had never used before. I didnt hve any time to get my setting right. I am now going to start using measuring tape for all my starts. That will overcome that mistake. The gun went off and i didnt. I had really bad reaction plus i got no pressure from the blocks. I was in dead last from 0-60, then my gears kicked in and i ran everyone down . I ended up running a bad 10.87 ( damn blocks). I was wasnt too mad considering my start. I didnt get to run the 200 the miami coach didnt put me in it. damn him… But lauryn came out and dropped a 22.4 got damn she was rolling. LSU was there, I dont understand why Muna lee didnt run the 100 or 200. She ran the 4X100?
If she would have ran Lauryn might have gone 10.9.
Well its back to the drawing board for me. If i can get a complete race from start to finish i now i can go 10.4. I Didnt realize it would be this hard training alone. oh well…

congrats :slight_smile:

oh thx. May and june will be real busy. I have one week free in may but other than that i have a meet every weekend. Cant wait.