Chris Donaldson training

Would anybody on this forum, have details pertaining to the sprinting regime, that NZ Champion sprinter Chris Donaldson adheres to?

Yep, I know most of his stuff I guess. Works on getting strong in the gym and focus on max velocity and speed endurance on the track. What do you want to know??

Basically just an example of his routine eg, track workouts, gym etc

Pretty much as Gofast said.

I don’t know his gym work but I see him a lot at the track. Short to long with block work all year, have never seen them do any med ball type work.

Why? I think he is only a 10.2 man. I would seggest that it’s better to learn from the best.

I think that’s where some athletes actually go wrong, they read some pro-athletes program and try to do it, when it actually takes 5-10 years to get the point of these programs actually being fully effective. Somebody posted Linford Christie’s training regime, I wouldn’t dare try it at this stage, it would be complete overkill. Learning from Ben Johnson and Asafa Powell maybe aren’t always the best options. Maybe it is smart to learn from the 10.2 guy. I like to see improvements, and how this athlete or the coach feels they made that improvement through their training, you don’t only have to learn of the fastest men in the world.

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For the record Chris’s PBs are 10.17 (also has a couple of 10.18s and 10.19 to his credit) and 20.42 and he doesn’t train short to long. Yes his coach Brent Ward keeps a speed element in all year round (once a week in the early preparation) but there is a fair bit of long volume in there early on as well…

I’m not going to counter what you state as no doubt you have better knowledge of his program than me, with mine as I said being based on observation more than anything.

The long volume I have seen in winter is at much lower intensity and not on the track which is different to later on. That plus the winter work focus on acceleration to max 50m (most well less) hence my impression they work more short to long. Once a week :cool: I am sure they were their 2x at least all year, certainly were Sat mornings and I thought Wed as well…

Does anyone here on this forum know what weight training routine/s, Chris Donaldson has utlised over his athletic career?

Gofast probably does but why the focus on Chris?