Childrens Supplements!

Liquid Vits such as 1 Step are very pricey, IMO unjustifiably so. On the other hand Liquid Vits for kids are quite reasonably priced. So…

What about the use of such products for athletes as an alternative? I haven’t checked out the actual content of such products yet and it is possible that the contents & ratios may be unsuitable for us ‘oldies’ but they may be a cheaper alternative.

Have I totally lost the plot here? Thoughts of forum members?

What brands/types are you talking about here Gf - Calpol?
you could be right - I’m waiting on the 1Step and I’ll give my own opinion after I’ve tried them.

Probably a reduced risk of nandralone anyway!!
(or not …?)

haha very good!

I have no brands in mind I’ll have to come back to you with numbers!

I won’t be seen walking around at meets with childrens medicine anyway!!!

Talking of Childrens foods …

For those of you who have to avoid sodium - many baby foods are a wonderful source of sodium-free foods !!! - and those of you who are short of protein - check out childrens milk replacement powders!!!