CHESS: Spassky & Fischer hook up in Iceland

REYKJAVIK, May 27 DPA - Former Russian chess champion Boris Spassky, 68, has arrived in Iceland to visit his great rival, Bobby Fischer, Icelandic media reported today.
The likelihood of another historic rematch, echoing the 1972 ``Match of the Century’’ is unlikely as Fischer, 62, has reportedly stopped playing traditional chess, preferring to play his own variation of the ancient game.
The two chess legends have a special status in Iceland, which hosted the 1972 match.
By winning it, American-born Fischer became world champion in a game dominated since World War II by Soviet players.
Over the years the reclusive Fischer has often made controversial public statements. He later forfeited his title and disappeared from the public eye.
He is wanted in the United States for violating international sanctions against the former Yugoslavia.
The violation dates back to 1992 when the two chess greats played a rematch in former Yugoslavia.
In March, Iceland’s parliament voted to grant citizenship to Fischer, allowing him to leave Japan, where he was held for some eight months over an invalid passport.
He faced possible extradition to the United States.