Cheetah's Journal

Welcome to my journal!!!

Please critique in anyway possible!

I’m a horizontal jumper but have a bone spur in my ankle that prevents me from jumping properly, managed 12 stride LJ last week in competition (first time in 2 years) and can triple Jump off a shuffle (4 strides). Also running quite well over 60 but injured my hammy at the start of the outdoor preventing 100 running this year.

Got an operation to remove the spur sometime before Christmas… then the sky’s the limit, literally :smiley: .

Sport and Exercise student, U.W.I.C Cardiff, got the national indoor athletics centre on campus so good facilities… although the Welsh weather doesn’t warrant grass runs very often!!

21 yo
75kg (inseason)
40m - 4.79s (laser gates)
60m - 6.94s (electronic)
LJ 12 strides - 6.84m (and the jump was gash :mad: )
8 strides - 6.50m
6 strides - 6.26m
TJ 4 strides - 13m
SLJ - 3.27m
Bench - 110k
1/4 Squat - 240k

Season 08/09

LJ -
Aim: Successful rehab, pain free jumping
Goal: 7.30m

60m -
Aim: Rehab in time for indoors
Goal: 6.85

TJ -
Aim: Successful rehab, pain free jumping
Goal: 15m

100 -
Aim: 10.85
Goal: 10.7x


1st winter training session


6x20m Walking posture drills
6x30m Ankle mobility drills
6x30m Stiff legged running (flat foot + toes)
3x40m heel flicks (underneath)
3x40m knee punches
3x40m claw backs

Med ball throws:
3x10 overhead
3x10 infront
3x15 sideways

10x20m standing LJ’s

Weights circuit:
3 sets continuous
10x120kg half squat
10x100kg RDL
10x40kg leg curl
30 decline situps

Body weight circuit:
3 sets continuous
50 crunches
20 Alternate jump step-ups (30+inch table)
100 stiff legged bounces (toes)

(done by coach)
PNF hamstring stretches
Perenial nerve stretches

Going to discuss this years programme with my coach on Wednesday.

I want a more HI/LI setup. Or at least 1 rest day + 1 tempo day a week.

OK, now I should commence to crying.

We have a 6.9 60m guy here. :frowning:

7.8 55m last year. Idk how fast it will be this year (7.2 maybe?) :rolleyes:

4.79 laser finish 40m, huh. What do you think your 40yd time would be? Your 1/4 squat is massive, but why did you test the 1/4 squat anyways?

It was laser start and laser finish, so no reaction to the gun. I should have gone 6.8 in 60 this year but didn’t race enough and didn’t put my best race together. How far is 40yds? like 37m?

The 1/4 squat was not a test, that is just the highest weight I’ve gone, and it was 1/4 depth x 5reps. It was a 90degree knee angle (some class that as half :rolleyes: )

I tested a parallel squat ages ago and got 170k… it would be higher now.

Squirrel, I dropped my p.b. from 7.27 to 6.94 this year (and should have gone lower :cool: )… I do loads of plyo’s as a jumper and I think that really helps over 60.


Sore from yesterday, quads, glutes, hams, obliques, traps, tris… welcome to winter :rolleyes:

Shoulder circuit
(I’m going out dressed as a spartan next week :smiley: )
x3 continuous
10x12k lateral dumbell raises
10x12k dumbell shoulder press

30 minute run
I’m going to ask my coach whether I can do extensive tempo instead of continuous runs. That way i’ll cappilarise the appropriate fibres and envolve the hams more.

2x100 crunches


Still abit sore in the quads, glutes, hams.

Conditioning: Track

2x10x30m driving strides, minimum 12 strides, best was 10.5. Brisk walk back rec.

10x10 speed bounds, 33m minimum.

5x20m standing LJ’s, 20m in 7 jumps minimum.

Conditioning: Gym

Circuit 1:
x3 continuous
15x100k half squats
50x crunches
30xeach leg, straight leg up-down hurdle chops (waist high)

Circuit 2:
x3 continuous
20 Alternate jump step-ups (30+inch table)
10x40k hamstring curls
15 inverted situps (inversion table)

Stretching (done by coach)
PNF hamstring stretches
ART on periformis/TFL
Periformis stretch

Discussed the programme. Looks as though speed will be short to long (or double periodised:confused: ). First 4 weeks is pure conditioning, HI/LI may start as we aim to sharpen up (maybe during SPP?) May add some tempo as recovery. More upper-body work this year.

Do you do any non circuit style lifting or is the circuits just for the conditioning part of your training?

Just for conditioning at this stage… it’s really taxing! Lactic and Aerobic components are trained doing these circuits to… although reading the Coach Shaver thread makes me wonder whether weights are best incorperated in a circuit type conditioning manner.


Quite sore throughout the legs.

Tempo (Football pitch)

Corner to corner (120m+), walk width rec x4
4 sets, walk length rec between sets.

= roughly 1900-2000m (don’t know the exact dimensions of the pitch)


2x200 chinnies


Hams, quads, periformis

Iced massage right shin 10 mins

Right shin is starting to stir up… it’s a recurring problem. Will see physio again when I go back to uni (this weekend).


Tempo (Football pitch)

Corner to corner (120m+), walk width rec x12 bare feet

= 1400-1500m


I’m going to start recording the time I work-out and my nutrition pre-post work-out from now on.

'Spose I ought to include the 6-mile dog walk I did… I’ll call it weight control (not that I need it :rolleyes: )

35 minutes pre-workout - cup of coffee (I usually avod caffiene accept for very HI days and comps, I felt very tired today though)


50reps each exercise, 20k unless specified

x3 with 3min rec between sets

Hang Cleans
Calf Raises
Crunches - 5k
Repetitive Split Jerks
Reverse Hypes
Side lunges (25 each side)

Hard work! The quality of the lifts is obviously pretty low… it’s just a case of making the reps.

Full body stretching

Post work-out-
pint of ribena (sugar)
economy shake - 2 tbl spoons skimmed milk powder, 2 t-spoons ovaltine, milk, 3 grams creatine.



22.00 - 30 minute runI

I’d eaten a load of pasta an hour before hand so I just had a little malt loaf and dried apricots post-training.

good luck with your training! btw I like your eco-protein shake, its essentially the same as protein powder

Thanks :smiley: … yea the skimmed milk powder has whey and casein (sp?) plus carbs so great post workout with some extended repair with the casein. Only thing it doesn’t have is amino’s… but i may buy some seperately. For my sports drink I just use Ribena with a pinch of salt… food prices have gone sky high in the UK so I’m saving…


Bodyweight circuit21.30

2.5g creatine 1hr pre-workout

3 laps continuous, 30s on, 30s off.

Side skips and touch floor (3m)
Press ups
Sit ups
Side lunges
Side sit-ups
Step ups
Straight leg bridge (10cm off floor)
Stiff legged toe bounces (forward, back, side)
Alternate squat thrusts

35mins total continuous.

Post-workout - Pint of ribena with salt, Eco-shake including dried apricots and prunes.


Forgot my creatine pre-workout :mad: oh well…

Ext. Tempo 14.40

Run bends, Walk straights on track- x5 laps :

Int. Tempo

Grass infield, bare feet - the grass in lush atm! Good weather, short and scarified :smiley: !

5x100m wb rec. 13.1 - 14.2
5x100m 50m walk rec. 13.9 - 14.5

= 2000m

Post-workout - Ribena with salt, malt-loaf, dried apricots.

i’ve been looking at good plyo exercises that transfer well to the track. Which are the ones you do?

We start plyo’s a week today. If you can wait that long I’ll give the whole session (it’s very long winded)…


Calfs and Soleus sore after bare foot tempo!

Circuit 20:30

2.5g Creatine 1h before.

Empty Barbell on shoulders. 50 reps each exercise.

3 sets, 30s between sets

Jump Squats
-/+ Calf raises (off step)
Full Squats
Split squat jumps
Single leg squats
Hypes (no bar)
Side lunges

20min recovery and half a teaspoon bicarb (acidic stomach)


30m run on grass with 5x100m efforts every 5 mins, 200m effort on 30mins.

Calfs and Soleus stretching.

Pint of Ribena with salt, dried prunes, apricots, malt loaf. Milk and cheese (ran out of skimmed milk powder).