Check out the weight room.....

Notre Dame is almost done finish their new athletic facility…if only I could find a commercial gym like this.

It looks like a church???

Yeah it does lol

apparently we need God everywhere.

word on the street is Nd’s coach, mickey m. is on his way to be on urban meyer’s staff at florida…can you believe florida is gonna be training HIT??? The position supposedly is being filled by the S&C coach from ole miss. how about that

mickey was terrible, the players were neither fast nor strong and he used a cookie cutter routine that was basically the same for all players. qb’s, lineman, skilled positions all trained the same.

ruben mendoza is ND’s new S&C coach. he just started this week and started off teaching the O lifts. apparently mendoza uses some sort of conjugate periodization but I don’t know the specifics.

yeah i heard the same…was told by more than a few people that the players did not like mickey and though he was a joke. that sucks for the players, but at least the kids will be doing some real training now.