check my beginners form?

I put a video up of me practicing sprinting. July and December. First part is July (sunny skies!) and I put the camera across the street. I think at this point I had finished accelerating already. The part is December and working on 15 m accel.

I’ve “sprinted” a lot in sports but I’m a beginner when it comes to working on technique. Any feedback would be appreciated!

You’re taking this very seriously and I respect that.

From the sagittal view, lots of good to say (the acceleration video):

-ground contact slightly behind center of mass
-Head in line with back
-Dynamic arms cycling

START: you have too much of a split stance: use the back foot toes near of the heel of the front leg

From the standing run video (fully upright)

-Keep your head relaxed, It should be in line with you back and It is not. It look like you are looking an airplane

-Backward mechanics is not optimal, rater than focusing on your knee, focus on your feet. You want dorsiflexed to moment they left the ground from the back and step over the supporting leg. When you hips will get higher = the job will be well done.

Enough said…good job

i would like to see a 3pt start. you could use some work with getting full extension.

Thanks for all the feedback.

Do you mean full extension of the leg when coming out of stand still? I see that knee is still bent. I’ve read that is pretty important to maximize the start.

Since my sport has me upright on two feet the whole time, my starts are off my feet.