charlie's sample weekly workout schedule

this quaestion is directed for charlie however if anyone else can clarify this for me please reply.

Question 1-is the sample weekly workout a plan that is to be used all year round and then just a matter of changing the intencity and volume during competition.

question 2- would the sample workout with 3 high intencities be better suited for a non competing week and the week with 2 high intencities be better for a competition week?

Question 3- would doing the cone exercise to develop top speed be done with special endurance on the wednesday

Qusetion 4 - do you keep doing weights throughout competitions

Just a few thoughts to get you started…

Do you mean the one in CFTS or the template at the end of the forum review? You can’t use same workouts all year, but depending whether you’re going short to long or long to short have to adjust the distances, intesities, volumes etc. accordingly. But the basic template of high and low intensity workouts alternating stays the same if that’s what you were asking.

You can use three high intensity workouts in competitive period as well, the competition being one of those three. Just use less volume, maybe just a few starts in the last workout before comp. You can use two high intensity workouts per week if you cannot tolerate very much CNS stress for example.

I wouldn’t. Too much CNS stress, the longer SE runs are less stressful for the CNS thus allowing the other two days to include more top speed work.

Upper body weights can be done up to about 2-3 days before a competition but lower body weights are usually dropped out about 5-7 days before the main competition. With less important meets weights could be done normally. Of course you use much less volume during the comp period (e.g. 2-3x3x85%).

the template from the end of year forum.

so to formula of high,low ect stays the same, just change the volume and intensity.

Yes. You can find more about the fluctuation of the volume in the other graphs of the forum review and in CFTS.