charlie's please clarify

could you please tell me if you used short-long for indoors and long-short for outdoors. or short-long for both.
or taking in consideration that in australia we dont train indoors, would moving the 60’s out further be a better option. what do you think???

im only talking about spp1, as from what i gather in spp2 it will have merged like the template on the forum review.

is that correct?

We used S yo L in both SPP 1 and 2, though things tend to merge by the time you get to the late stages of SPP2. Remember, it’s still questionable weather here in early March.

ok, im a little confused now.

so…where do those templates from the vancovour series fit in, is that what you used or were they developed for team sports.

and where does the template from the forum review fit in? as it seem like it was used based on what i read in CFTS

but the main factor is that you used S-L for both indoors and outdoors

Choose either S-L or L-S and continue it through the entire season. You can also combine both ideas but you need to be careful to do it carefully.

All the graphs are examples, they don’t necessarily completely match up but they give a very good idea from which you can work out what you want to do once you understand vertical integration.


hey tc, im not looking at combining both, im happy doing s-l i just dont undertand how the vancouvor template can u be used for the entire year.
thats y im tyring to work out if the SPP1 would be an example of vancouvar template and SPP2 the forum review template.
or is either one used for the whole year?

would this be correct charlie.

did you use the vancouver grapgh as your progression leading into the indoor season.
then used the template on the forum review(also following short-long, so bringing out the acceleration work as in the vancover graph and then doing the distance’s shown the the template on teh forum reveiw) leading into the outdoor season. is that correct. and if so would i just use the template on forum review all year round???