Charlie's impact on coaching in Canada

I was at the first annual gathering of coaches at the National Training Centre in Edmonton this past week. They did an outstanding job, and I learned a lot.

What struck me was that the reverence for Charlie’s special brand of genius, and groundbreaking contributions, was far more widespread than I even knew. Time after time, senior coach upon senior coach from many disciplines would mention the man’s gift, and quote his material.

It was energizing to see the Canadian pride leaking out, even though we try our best as Canadians not to let it happen too often!

It made me even more proud to be a member of this site, and to have gotten to see the man and absorb his teachings in person.

Even in his absence the man’s presence loomed large-and justifiably so. Great experience.

I would have liked to have been able to make it to that conference. From what I recall, it had some pretty good presenters at it - including Anatoli Bondarchuk and Boo Shexnayder. If you have time, could you or anyone else who attended post a summary - or at least enlighten us with some of the highlights of the presentations.

Yeah it’d be nice if you could share us your notes =D

-Wu Gong Heng

Does that not make Athletics Canada Hypocritical, bannign a guy for life and than supporting his teachings.

I have been a student of Charlies system since I meet him in 88 - Montreal Olympic Trials when my coach Brent McFarlane introduced me to him and Ben at the Hospitality suite.

I’m surprised that some of these coaches made reference to CF. Usually they pinch his ideas and market the information as if it were their own. + Lets not forget all of the Ben johnson trainers out there as well. Everyone has trained Ben, the Chicago Bulls etc.

Yeah, no pinching going on-great to see.

Too much material to condense, but references to his short-to-long game plan, having speed in place first above all else, the dangers of the intermediate 75-95% zone, stepping over the support leg and relaxing, and vertical interation in annual planning and never straying too far from the key elements were themes repeated throughout.

Even the distance coaches were lively in discussing CNS implications of workload-derivative of Charlie’s stuff and acknowledged as such.

Great show.

Well if he can’t be there in person… well its the next best thing. Its almost 20 years… the new generation don’t have the old baggage.

. . . and what about his contribution to rock ’ roll :cool: . He can recite the lyrics by memory of entire Frank Zappa records . . . hmmm, that is a bit of a worry actually :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, I still have the infamous toilet poster of the ‘Phi Zappa Crappa’!