Charlie the example you set as a coach and educator has been an inspiration to all coaches and aspiring coaches! I hope to one day make 1% of the impact you have on the sport training community. I wish you a speedy recovery!

My thoughts and prayers are with you,angie and james. You’re a fighter. Get well soon.

Get well soon Charlie. Your advice and guidance has been invaluable… need to keep that coming :slight_smile:

Charlie I love your existence in this life =))
The inspiration and guidance you’ve given has made a WORLD of difference (and I MEAN it) to me, and surely others I know. I hope everything turns out well.
We all selfishly need you :o

all the best charlie.i have learnt alot since i came in contact with this a Nigerian its not easy getting expert opinion on training issues.get well quickly.

I am in shock… my best wishes for a swift and complete recovery!


Sorry to not have been on the site recently… I’ve been working hard to make a difference in this world.

Without you I would never have become an Athletics Coach and never have discovered what has now become my career. I owe you everything and your words echo in my ears every day and remind me why I love this sport.

Fight on and I look forward to seeing you again in Toronto in the not so distant future.

My love to Ange, James and yourself,




Please fight the hardest you can.
I have no doubt things will get on well
All my thoughts from France.


Charlie, your work has changed my life. You’re the best and I wish you a complete recovery!

get well soon Charlie!

get well soon…

We hope things are looking better and your getting well.
So very Glad for this site, the books, the dvds, the seminars.
Get well soon and hope to see you back soon.
all the best

Get well soon CF!!!

As it happens I was in Toronto training with Charlie when he was getting some of his follow up diagnostic tests done. I’ve been sworn to secrecy all these years and I have been thinking and worrying about him every day since then.

I’ve been a fan and admirer of Charlie’s for almost 20 years, and over the years his training methods have been the only ones that just make sense to me. The launch of this site was a major breath of fresh air and has been an incalculable source of training wisdom that is unparalleled by any other source in the world in my opinion. When it started I never dreamed it would afford me the opportunity to meet and train with Charlie and become friends with he and Ange. The week I spent training with Charlie was the most transformative experience of my training career, really magical. Charlie literally taught me how to run. And I had no idea what real sports massage was until I had Charlie work on me.

In addition to the legacy of information that Charlie has provided through his writings and videos, he has also done a fantastic job of building a genuine community of sharp, incredibly knowledgeable coaches and athletes who understand Charlie’s methods and will form the next generation that will carry on his work.

All my best. I hope you get well soon.

this is terrible news! I wish you all the best for a full recovery, charlie…

my best wishes too

Charlie, I am very sorry to hear about your health condition. I am sure you will battle it through and come victorious. You have to.

While you are temporarily away your friends, online comrades and disciples across the globe are continuing to spread the knowledge of the Francis School of Sprinting. Don’t you worry about that!

Get well and hope to read you soon.

Like everyone else my thoughts are with you and your family!

The site was created to re establish Charlie’s voice in the world of track and field but more importantly speed, strength and conditioning.
People can and will say anything to sell themselves or a product. Does’nt need to be honest or correct.
Charlie’s mission from day one was to let the world know he accomplished what he did through thoughtful, methodical training built over a series of years. After 1988 we had a few top Americans come to visit and they promptly left discourged to find that chemistry was not the corner stone of his thinking.

Ange, it’s been four days. Is Charlie still in hospital or home? Is he is OK? It’s been 4 days since your last note and I’m certain everyone is hurting.