Charlie is going to kill me...

The things people wore in the 80s!
That Diadora shirt was dodgy enough, but those pink shorts! :eek:

I’m saying nothing … I merely observe lol

Damn. Ben was even more built than I thought. Holy crap.

Charlie - Keep doing what you do. They’re just jealous they couldn’t pull it off :smiley:

Scary- but at least it was free stuff. I’ve got to stick with basic black, Johnny Cash style.

How did Ben find Diadora?
Does anyone here use them?
I tried there webpage a few months ago and gee it’s brutal hard to find anything about products on it …

PS. JC - a true legend. R.I.P.

When you’re number one, the manufacturers find you.

Charlie where can get those shorts. i am sick of wearing my aqua colour hibiscus shorts with bright smiley t-shirt.

Amazing though nobody has ever said anything about you. So it must prtty classy

Richard Simmons called; He wants his clothes back Charlie :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

hahaha. good one t2!

Somewhere in Toronto there’s a wino decked out in summer finery. No doubt Richard Simmons would be able to spot him from a considerable distance.