Charlie I need your coment on that

Hello everyone

The fact is that a few days ago I get CFTS and well I can say that I´ve got a great book but when I got read the strength chapter I got lot of discouraged by the comparations between BEN and CARL.

I´m a 1.85 tall boy and my muscle structure is not such impressive like MO´s or BEN´s (of course LOL).During the last 5 years I´ve been working hard in the gym to put some pounds of lean muscle and well I get it!!! but definitely I´m still looking tall and thin , in the actual time I´ve got 78 kgs. with 10% of body fat , so we can say my physique is quite similar to CARL´s one (maybe a little less lean :o )

So my question is if that amount of bodyweight is adecuate or not , cause if I have to add some more of muscle I guess if maybe I would get too heavy for speed.

By other side I need to know if I must train to get some pounds of muscle or if it would be better to train only for power at the gym.

Lot of thanks in advance.Be with God !!!

do not get caught up in this you grow older you will fill out trust me but try to be as strong as you can for your bodyweight…think of a formula 1 car-very lite but massive power

As X states, focus on getting stronger rather than bigger. If you can gain strength without picking up much additional mass, you should move faster.

It’s actually one of the few things I agree with in CFTS. I don’t think sprinters should train for muscle mass at all - rather they should train for strength with the by product of hypertrophy.

Meaning almost everything else from CFTS you disagree with? :confused:

One more time just thanks!!! :slight_smile:

It’s genetics. It will be pretty much impossible for a tall person to have a stalky build like a 5’8" running back. There’s no way you can turn yourself into a Ben Johnson type body when you’re 6’2", it’s just not possible unless you are built like a truck to start off with.

Still, you can do your damnest to try. I’ve been skinny all my life, but that didnt stop me from packing on 20lbs of muscle over the past year or so. Who knows where I’ll be in another year, but the point is that you should never use the status quo as an excuse not to do your best and take a chance at becoming something great, something nobody’s done before.

I agree that you can try your best. But it’s not a realistic goal for a tall person to want to look like a stalky running back or Ben Johnson.