Charlie, I have a question on speed training with a sled/harness...

You mention in an interview not slowing an athlete down more than 20%. What about a heavy tow where frequency stays the same (i.e. pulling a heavier load but maintaining the # of ground contacts in a given period of time)? Would this be a good way to vary the training load while maintaining the elasticity of the run?

I said 10%. I recommend against using a heavy sled and spinning your wheels going nowhere. This changes the running mechanics and greatly increases ground contact times (even if you speed up the rate- which only serves to shorten the air time).

The t-mag article they have it as 20%. Makes sense. thanks.

p.s. do you also have any plans on apologizing for that outfit in the photo they have of you on espn? :smiley:

(I removed the link-I already apologised for the outfit!. CF)

Pulling a heavy sled while walking is an excellent leg strength developer but as Charlie said, trying to run pulling a heavy sled changes your mechanics so much that you will actually have a negative transfer to sprinting.

So we are all in agreement. Pulling a sled is a no no, in terms of trying to improve sprint speed???..

There all up in arms about it over at Westside…

No… pulling a sled and trying to run full speed make you slower. Not walking witha sled

Walking with a sled???..

Yeah very specific… Weighted vest it is then…

Rnr - check out for some uses of the sled. Not for everyone, by no means a cure all, but a proven and effective tool.

This is my first post on here, and I’ve been checking up on some of the topics here, and I must say you guys have a great understanding and education on strength training. This is one of the best forums that deals with strength training, and how to achieve your goals. I’m excited to learn some things here, and hopefully I can add some good points here for you guys to think about.

Pulling a weighted sled is one of the biggest myths in trying to become faster. This topic is along the lines of sport specific training which is also a myth. The only benefit you are getting from pulling a weighted sled behind you is that you will be better at a pulling a weighted sled contest. There is no turnover behind the objective of pulling something weighted behind you. If you want to become faster, practice sprinting on the track. If you want to become stronger work harder in the gym, but please don’t mix the two together. The best way to get faster in a event is to work your butt off in the gym to get stronger, and then get to the track and practice your event. Again don’t combine the two together.

What’s wrong with the sled work? I think it is a good variation on the acceleration training to prevent a plateau. I have been using it with some rugby players for their speed training, as they only train in distances under 40m and there aren’t as many components to rotate.

Everyone please go to ebay do a search for isorobic exerciser and try to buy one through auction. Irx is your solution, I have one and I feel disgusted every time I look at my sled. check out the thread on the Irx. I saw one going for $9 no one had made a bid, this was a few days ago. A new Irx would set you back $300

No offense to Rugby League players but becuase of the nature of the sport most of the have the bodyweight/power ratio’s of a Rhino.

If you said you had made good gains using the weighted sled with sprinters I may have looked into it…

Why do people look at things they do at elitfts and base it in terms of sprinting? :confused: Yes there are things that can be learnt from there but the vast majority are powerlifters THAT is what they want to be better at. The sled work they do is aimed at improving their lifts not sprints. It would be like them looking here and questioning the use of SE and other stuff then asking How the hell is that going to improve your meet total AARRRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! :mad: :mad:

Does a rhino have a good or bad power/weight ratio?

Yes, very poor. They can’t jump for dust and pretty much can’t run neither…

When you compare a Rhino/Elephant to a squirrel there isn’t much competition. Its like comparing Ronnie Coleman to Bruce Lee.

I don’t know. I was hoping not to have to race one myself!


Contrary to popular belief, The Black Rhino is much faster than an Olympic sprinter. Reaching top speeds of over 40mph. So watch out

Let me guess. We’re still waiting for a White Rhino to break the 40mph barrier!

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Although the info that I read on Rhino’s top speed was specifically about the Black Rhino.

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