Charlie Francis Seminars

I think we’re due for another Charlie Francis seminar. Asheville seems like yesterday… so close, yet so far.

We need some ideas from forum members on where to hold the next one, as CF Seminars come about through member demand - i.e. they don’t come out of thin air. Have members’ host the seminars work best, as Charlie get’s a much stronger commitment from attendees. Do any of you have any good ideas for venues (i.e. nice presentation facility, access to a gym, track, good weather, etc.)?

One idea that I have is going to Charlie? Toronto is a fine city, with lots to do (if you don’t want to simply travel to see Charlie - but I’m sure you will). There are some great facilities in Toronto. Also, it’s probably a lot easier and cheaper for the yanks to come up to Canada, than vice versa. I’m sure Canadians would get hassled at the border (due to our lack of government support for Dubya) more than Americans coming up to see us.

Let’s hear some dates, locations, etc.:smiley:

I agree! I am always reading or asking questions. Not to be a pain, but to learn. I want to know why I am doing stuff. Maybe I can get D to sneak me in.

That would be cool. Mr. Francis talked with my high school coach about hurdling at the seminar and it has helped. I wish that I could sit in at the coaches education schools here in town this summer. I dont know if I am too young or not.

I was an athlete at the Asheville seminar and it was off the hook! Next year, I will be a collegiate athlete under D, so I will be back. Can we get into hurdles in the next seminar?

Well New Jersey or New York would be great, but I don’t think that’s realistic. I know there are a lot of forumers in Boston and I would be able to make that so that would be my number one choice.

I wouldn’t be able to make Asheville, but it seems everybody likes that so que sera sera (obviously I don’t speak whatever language that song is in).

calgary!!! you can all stay with me and my wife in our one bedroom apartment.

new orleans is a great place for a conference!! you guys should definetly take this into consideration. everything is close to each other, good food, good weather, good people…shall i go on

I would like to see a seminar in Boston. I am bias though. Being a lowly high school coach, I don’t know if I can get down to North Carolina twice in 3 months.

I will throw Minneapolis out as a suggestion…

Multiple university or hs with suitable facilities…

Thanks for the interest! I dont think a deposit is necessary now, but when Charlie and I set a definate date, I will set up payment via paypal. Lets roll on this one!!!

Good points #2

I have been planning on hosting another seminar down here for next September. We could make this one bigger than last! Let me know if any are interested in this.

I missed the Asheville Seminar due to work conflicts, but I agree with D, bring it back down here again! That is all I heard about and I am jealous. I will sale my car to have it in NC! What can I do? Sign me up!!!

nice to see you have joined! I will try and get you in as a demonstrator.