Charlie Francis/Ian King

Charlie…I wanted to thank you for the seminar today in Boston. I learned more in this one day then 8 days at Level II. I think everyone should experience a live conference and pick up ideas and concepts that you can’t get from reading. Thanks again.

could you summarize what it was about


Why don’t you come to AZ so you can educate these dumb-ass coaches? Or just me :wink:

Hi Fluke,

Glad to hear you enjoyed the seminar, I imagine Charlie is in an airplane bored out of his tree waiting to get back online.

If you have any input/questions on the seminar, lets hear them.


I am of course watching the Driven show with you know who on…but I have attended a Francis and King seminar…good stuff.

Just curious, any ideas why Boston was chosen as the spot? was it random? requested? preferred? etc

Man that seminar was awesome! Charlie is a great guy! He helped me out and gave me good advice even though I put him on the spot by asking for running technique help!

T2- did you say that you were trying out for a track team in 2 weeks?

Timothy- the seminar was on Speed and Strength: Advanced Athletic Preparation.

Yeah Fluke that was me, Which guy were you? I didn’t seem like any people from the forum were there. I asked around a little and no one seemed to be from the forum.

I was seeing fluke and magico…

Forum what forum I neva heard of such a thing…so charlie regarding that thread on powerdrive. Hey T2. I delived pizza to a guy on the forum. Hes like are you tim lane. Im like. Yup. Hes like well im from Also some others massachuessetts members are on here but they just keep it on the down low. I met a couple at the lewis center and at meets. I could tell they knew me cuz they were giving me weird looks after I told them my name. Anyways theres alot of undercover people on the forum here. Especially in richmond. Hi to all who know me. How ya doing guys. Anyways back to the seminar. There wouldnt happened to have been a guy named doc there given massages. Or just looking crazy. He works at the school. T2 could you go into more detail about the seminar…Also did anyone manage to video tape it? Charlie I have friends that live near the school. Meatheads. Guys named like skunk,chief,ratboy,gump,lama lama. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Massachuessetts. You didnt happen to catch the sox game?

Seriously, why no West Coast seminars, Charlie?

400stud - if you build it, he will come

who is tim lane anyway?

How do I go about getting something like that organized? I really would like to see a seminar and I’m busting my hump just trying to get people to sign up for the board just to chat with him.

Any advice?


Thanks, Clemson.

Contact Mike Pimental, Tufts strength and conditioning coach. He organized the seminar. Excellent, by the way.

What was terrific that many that attended may have missed, was the way Charlie and Ian worked with the individual personalities of each athlete. How they quickly determined the tone of voice needed, eagerness of athlete, the athletes level of communication, information provided and information purposely withheld. The classroom discussion was also excellent with Charlie and Ian both contributing to a variety of athletes and their needs throughout the year.

Many that were there, in my opinion, where looking for secret drills and the magic pill. If you looked past the surface, there was an invaluable amount of information there.

nicely put thomas! also, it was filmed so tufts, ian or charlie might have that available later for sale.