Charlie Francis has died

My condolences.

As Flash wrote in the chat, I honestly don’t know what to say.

I agree. Despite the crap in '88 he was a god among sprint coaches and everyone who is honest knows it. It’s our responsibility to not let the world forget that.

I feel very sad for Charlie’s family, this man was so one of a kind. I will remember his influence on me for life.
RIP - Your legacy will continue to live in all of us.

Sad news, Charlie had so much more to offer the sport and so much more he could have done in track. So much more of life to live.

Gone too soon.

Oh shit! RIP Charlie!

Initially I logged in and read the title of the thread and thought it was some sort of a sick twisted joke.
Very shocked. I was an avid reader of the forum and I always thought charlie’s insight on training and coaching was genius! Such a charismatic and gifted coach and person. It was this forum, and charlie’s material that intially motivated me to take up track!
A sad day, he was too young :frowning:

My condolences. I also second what Flash said in the chat.

I enjoyed Charlies’s sense of humor through the years, and I will sorely miss it.

His contribution to the track and field, world of strength and conditioning and the world of sports is incredible.

wow can’t believe it…

Rest in Peace Big Man. May God be with you.


Forever in the hearts of his family and friends.

Condolences to his family and in particular Ange and James.

Have no words…a bit shocked…RIP Charlie, I regret not having met him, but he is for sure the greatest influence in training I ever had.
I’ll never forget his humour on this forum, ither than his competence.
To his wife and his son, my condolences.

Damn… Very Sad… I am so sorry to hear this. He was a great coach and person.

I wish the Angela and the rest of the Francis family all the best.

RIP Charlie

My condolences go out to his family

I’m without words other than condolences to family - both immediate and those on this website.

I am certainly a better athletics coach because of him and know that his influence on my work will remain true to that as well.

RIP Charlie. And thank you.

Hi All,

I am really sadden and shocked and cant believe it.

This man gave me his time and help, moulded my understanding in sprinting and the sports

Condolenses to Angela and James and May his soul rest in Peace.

The coaching world has lost a true great.

Condolences to Angie and James and family, please accept my sympathy.

Rest in peace Charlie, I will miss you.

Just recently spent a week in Toronto with Angela - Charlie - and James it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. CF and I walked everywhere and talked about many things - it was my first trip to Toronto.

In typical CF fashion he gave me the low down on the political ‘shit show’ going on in Toronto and his thoughts on how they could be rectified - he had a great sense of humour and truly cared about Toronto and Canada.

To be invited into his home and having the opportunity to meet his wonderful wife Angela and his pride and joy James his son, was a unique opportunity to see another side of Charlie. It was obvious to me to see how much he adored and loved his family and they he.

Anyone having had a chance to eat a meal prepared by Angela knows only too well what a great meal is supposed to taste like. I was not on a weight gaining program on this trip - but I must have packed home an extra 5 pounds in my short stay.

I will always be grateful to CF for his honest and masterful thoughts on training, and his critical evaluation of our training programs.

We at Athletes Nation express our deepest sympathies to the Francis Family - Our thoughts and prayers are with them. And to my friend and mentor Charlie Francis - may you rest in peace.

Daniel La Joie
Director of Athletic Performance
Athletes Nation

My sincere condolences to the Francis family.

Charile’s spirit isn’t dead as it lives on in all of us who will continue to teach the training principles he developed.

I am glad I’ve met him and honoured to have learned so much from him.

Farewell Sensei!

You will certainly be missed Charlie! I had the honor of training with him and meeting his family. I wish the media knew the “real” Charlie. He was a great guy. My condolences to his wife and son.