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Been overseas the past 2 years and haven’t had much time to post on the forum… I apologize to any member who tried to contact me by email/pm, I won’t have much time until the fall… Can’t wait to return to the states, it’s been 2 years since I have done sprints or any physical activity. #fatboystatus

Military ?

No. Working with athletes.

Well I had no clue lol :stuck_out_tongue: It’s not like anyone on here updates their bios!!

All across Euro…

Sounds fun and exciting and likely a bit of a pain in your butt but do what it takes right? That’s cool.
We will look forward to you telling us what went on even if it’s not too specific.
Working with athletes is where you learn a great deal so any sharing will be appreciated.
Thanks for the update.

So your a fat boi now. lol that must feel great

Skinny fat boy… Had to put my money first these past 2yrs… Waist is pushing 40inches and can’t do 50 pushups… It’s bad!!! In town visiting my girlfriend leaving back out soon.

40 inches…omg! lol.

Chase that paper, no shame there.

Can’t tell until I take my shirt off for my lady… The scale is about the same, waist is up from 32 to 39 and all other measurements are down. My cal intake was on point until my mother and girlfriend told me I was too skinny.

Well, hopefully not ALL other measurements!

Nice to see you back man. I’m actually about to move overseas for a sport science/S&C job in Taiwan. It would be awesome if you could share some info about what it’s like working with athletes overseas vs USA. It sounds like you are extremely busy.

I think that it doesn’t matter where the athlete is from.
Anywhere in the world you can find great talent. however even great talent with the best approach won’t help them achieve best possible performances if the attitude is crap or you can have an average person with the rest on the opposite side of the spectrum.

For me personally is a matter of character.

Wish you the best. Taiwan should be interesting. I been all over Euro - Barcelona, Serbia, Romania, and Germany to name a few. Debating about doing some work in Israel.