Charlie and Stanford U

Hey charlie,

Just got back from my internship out at Stanford. I had almost totally forgot you went to school there until I saw your name on the records board. I think it said Charles Francis on the records block. Anyways while i was there i got to work with Coach Weir and he had nothing but good things to say about you.

Thanks! I was just there myself over the Christmas holidays with my family. It was nice to show my son, James, the old stomping grounds, though he’s a bit young- he’ll be five on Feb 9th, he got a kick out of it. We went over to the track and ran a 100meters together. James ran 28 seconds- and could have gone faster if his old man wasn’t holding things up!
It truly is a beautiful campus- 8800 acres- and better maintained today as there’s so much high-tech money available. A great place to go if you get the chance. A Canadian, Edrick Floreal, coaches the sprints and jumps.

Yes, I also got a chance to work with Edrick . He was gracious enough to let me work with some of his athletes in the weightroom. All the track and field coaches at Stanford were more than willing to pass on some of there knowledge to me. Your right the campus looks amazing and I loved training in such nice weather. But now im back home in Mass, freezing my butt off, training for the New England indoors, in an old abondoned mill building, no heat, no lights and just enough room where i can work on my accelerations. Ahh, north east weather, you have to love it!!!

Any chance we can we post this video in the technical section? :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry! I can’t release the video until after my match race with Ozzie Osbourne.

Now that’s a fu#%"#% race I’d fuQ$#"$ like to see happen… Sharon!!!