Charles Merrick Francis October 13th 1948 - May 12th 2010

It will be 4 weeks on Saturday June 12th that Charlie left our world for the other side.

I have shared some thoughts on the front end of the site and would invite you to read it.



Thanks for sharing…

Beautiful story, thank you for sharing.

Thank you Angela. I now need to find a quite room at work to have a cry of sorrow, of joy, and of the love that Charlie had for his world.

Angela, no doubt Charlie’s spirit is very strong within you.

Immeasurably generous and thoughtful of you to share such a personal and extraordinary experience.

Thank you

Very touching. Thank you for opening up about something that is very difficult and private.

Take care

Thank you for sharing that Angela. May God bless you and James in this difficult time.

I also want to say that I am very thankful for all that Charlie graciously gave to people like me.