Charity for a great track coach

Please spread the word. Twitter feeds , facebook, etc… Thank you for any effort.

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what is going on with pfaff? all I see when I click the link is donations…for what?

Apparently cancer treatment, as his insurance is refusing to pay. Not 100% sure or certain of that, just something I saw on twitter

Pfaff asked them to shut down the fundme and return money to contributors.

Smart decision.

Could you be a little more…vague?

According to someone close to Altis Coach Dan Pfaff has a treatable form of cancer. As many of you may know cancer comes in multiple forms and varies in terms of treatment. Survivability is positively linked with how treatable your disease is. According to the same source Coach Pfaff has currently been working back in Texas with his jumpers from Altis. It appears that he never asked for funding in the first place which is likely why he asked to have people return money they contributed.

I am not sure who started the gofundme. I certainly donated and spread the word as I do not want to lose anyone else for something we can help. However, that was not exactly what Dan wanted. He has returned everyone’s money as my donation was already returned.


Ryan Banta