If anyone has been following my training journal they’ll know this but for anyone else who’s interested I have switched over to Strongman training. I will try to apply the CF principles to this sport and I’ll be starting a new log in about 2 weeks. I definitely feel a little sad making this post but I know that it’s the right sport for me.

its very sad,very hurting and very dramatic when u decide tht u have to quit or u have to change

When you say “strongman” are you talking about like the World’s Strongest Man/All Strength challenge type stuff that I see on OLN, or are you talking about powerlifting? I ask because some of the events I see on World’s Strongest Man look pretty obscure, I have no idea how one would train for them.

Yah, WSM. To train the events you have to find the equipment (events are not standardized but there are a lot of recurring themes and events) but for a while I’ll just be focusing on improving the basic power lifts, except trying to improve overhead strength instead of bench, and olympic lift strength.