Bought CFTS last night, payment went through today and received the book. I’ve been reading it for the past 2-3 hours and must admit this book is well worth the price. It doesn’t just deal with basic training and recovery methods, but it describes how to just let things happen on and off the track. I highly recommend this to everyone who has not bought it for some reason, but I’m sure most of the people here have.

I got it yesterday; is there any way I can convert it to Text? I’m trying to print this out, and it looks blurry when I print it.

You could use an OCR app…just depends what OS you are using & if you are using a hardcopy (paper).

Print it as an image…this should improve things for you.

Quick question…does CFTS delve into much on nutrition, or is it primarily “training” based (even though we all know nutrition is half the training…)

If you look at things from a training priority perspective, CFTS deals with things more pertinent than nutrition, so you will need it as part of your library regardless. The Forum reveiw deals a bit with Nutrition.