CFTS for over 40's link

Thought I would link to the thread here.

If anyone has any other useful ones specific to Masters training please add the links.

thanks for the thread, I had seen it before and now I see the context (masters).
did you get any comp in yet and/or how are your times/results?

-I did some running-only gpp, 4 months, and got a little stronger. I’m 54 yrs. Problem is I’m overweight and the training only made me hungrier. ( I had quit smoking then as well)

Not yet as we are just coming to the end of our summer here but I found out the other day the NZ Masters Track & Field champs are here next weekend so I’m going to see if I can put a late entry in. One of those cases of I’ll never be ready in my mind but need to actually just do it.

If I do I’ll need a crash course in block starts and will prob run in barefeet as I don’t even have spikes LOLOLOL