CF Workouts Series One Download: Med Ball REVIEW

CF Workouts Series One Download: Med Ball REVIEW

The download is 41.6Mb in size and I was able to download it in about 6 minutes using a standard 1Mbps internet connection. The file format is AVI so it should play on pretty much any computer Mac or PC.

The video itself begins with Charlie introducing the topic of medicine ball training (this first minute or so was made available by Rupert as a preview on the forum) before the athlete (Scott) who will demonstrate the workout is introduced. The workout begins with some standing medicine ball throws before progressing to seated work. All the exercises are shown in pretty much real time so you can see the level of fatigue that occurs.

As Scott progresses through the exercises Charlie provides feedback and points out the important aspects of each movement. In total the entire circuit lasts around 15 minutes and Charlie explains that upto three of these kinds of ciruits can be performed in a session.

While many of the exercises that are shown on GPP: Essentials you get more angles and actual coaching feedback. Most importantly you get to see how hard this stuff is because from questions posted on the forum it is obvious that people don’t realise just how difficult these workouts can be. However, even though they are tough the affect on the CNS is minimal - a point Charlie makes on the video.

After about 16 minutes, the video changes direction and moves onto Explosive medicine ball work. Charlie introduces the topic by explaining how and when it can be used. Again the workout is in real time and you get to hear Charlie providing feedback (which is always interesting). Between each exercise Charlie gives more pointers on reps, sets and recovery.

Overall, while much of the content of this video is covered elsewhere in GPP: Essentials and The Jane Project, this video gives a better impression of what medicine ball training is all about. I like the fact that it is real time because one thing you miss on some of the other downloads is the level of work required and how long the sessions take in reality.

For those with none of the products who want a good introduction to medicine ball training at a cheap price this is the product to go for. For those who already have all of’s products it should be noted that many of the exercises have already been covered before. However, this time you get a much better view of exactly what should be happening in a med ball session and better commentary.

While I have been using medicine balls for over 10 years I picked up several excellent tips. At $19.99 for 25minutes with Charlie it’s a bargain and does exactly what it says in the title.

EDIT: Many people on the forum have been asking what differentiates this product from the GPP DVD? Well having thought about this for a while, simply put this product is more a “workout” video than a “theory” video. In this respect it is aimed more at the athlete than the coach and provides a module of work that can be slotted into anyone’s training scheme. The aim of my reviews is to let people know what they are buying and I hope this note clarifies this further.

Charlie, during the video you state that the guy doing the workout is not a high-level sprinter. He may not be, but after doing the workout for myself I can say with confidence that he is a strong, fit bloke! To anybody who hasn’t bought it, this DVD will show that the conditioning required to be a high level sprinter is very high.

He sure is! He’s 46 yrs old to boot. You should see the gym he had built at his new office. Amazing!

Incredibly lean too

Do you have to be a hedge fund manager to afford your training fee’s? :wink:

lol Charlie how does that guy have time? I go to one of the schools in the US that sends quite a few people to top hedge funds (univ. of chicago) and they are working around and sometimes over 100 hours a week…

It’s not how hard- it’s how smart.

Pretty incredible regardless. When you say, not how hard, how smart–are you referring to his training, work, or both? I’ve met some pretty smart folks making some big $$ and they seemed to be putting in even more hours than usual, but it may be a priority thing I guess. just amazing somebody can stay in great shape with such a demanding job.

It’s both in fact.

Can you elaborate more on his training charlie? Maybe you could release a Scott project DVD!

we may do another sample session with Scott soon. (I haven’t told him yet!)

Poor Scott! :wink:

Quick question about this vid. I train by myself so I was wondering whether the exercises in the low intensity circuit can be done without a partner(against a wall maybe)??


Beautiful, that goes on my shopping list(once I pay for my summer classes that is)!

Where do I find a link to this product? I have people asking me about what I do for abs/core.

Thanks, I needed the link for my twitter. I’m between 300 and 600 reps of abs/core work per day with a 3kg-7kg medicine ball. Good times.