CF Training for Speed

I got the ebook over the weekend and what can i say?

It is THE best book ive ever read, i feel 100% improved as a sprinter already! The highlight was reading that Ben Johnson had a 600lbs squat!!! i have a long way to go.

thanks again


Big Ron,

I think CFTS is great, but, I thought Speed Trap was an ever better read - I read it all in one go, just, couldn’t put it down.

I only stopped for the essentials - toilet and food (no, not at the same time). If I could I tried to read it then aswell:D

I have read a quite a few books, and it is the only 1, that I never wanted to put down.

We all know what happens - but, still had to keep going.


Me too Wullie -
I was at the library trying to find some weight training info just after the '96 olympics - and thought -

’ hmmm what’s this - Speed trap , Charlie who ? O yeah I remember ’ , sat down for a quick scan and was immobile for about 3 hours lol

An important book - similtaneously heartbreaking and inspiring .

I’m gagging for the new CFTS - I might finally get my head round proper periodisation .

Yep good book.

Got to agree with Wullie and Gloop - Speed Trap is a great read. Very difficult to work and read the e-book at the same time. Oh well didn’t need to work anyway.

Charlie teased as in the videos. Must have new book.

i remember looking for speed trap at the library, the 2 copies they were suppose to have were mysteriously missing. even the library in the neighbouring city had their copy missing!
at that point i knew this had to be something special

The one at our library was an original hardback so I was tempted to keep it and pay the cost , saying I’d lost it - but didn’t want to deprive others of the read -
Wish I had taken it now cos someone else did sooner after