Cetyl myristoleate

CMO serves as a surfactant and not only lubricates the involved joints, but also lubricates the entire body, making muscles glide more smoothly over other muscles, bursas, and bones and at the same time softens these tissues making them more pliable. Next, it functions as an immune system modulator. This is the reason it has been found to be so effective in treating auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and multiple sclerosis. And finally, it functions like a fatty acid in that it mediates inflammatory processes. When cooled, cetyl myristoleate is a waxy substance and, at room temperature, has a buttery consistency.

Anyone ever try or know if this stuff is good or not?

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Have you noticed any difference since taking the CMO yet Quik?

no, i havent i been taking it for about 2-3 weeks so far. i will use it for another 2-3 weeks and then i tihnk i will add either a glucosamine, chondriton, MSM combo i have or add SAMe.

what do you guys think would be better. By the way it is for my knee. nothing serious but i have knee pain on and off.

I had been struggling with knee pain over the past month or two and found that the combo of glucosamine, chrondroitin and MSM, coupled with SAMe and Knox Nutrijoint has done the trick. Not sure which supplement(s) out of this list were actually effective since I took them all together but it was my first time ever having knee pain and I wasn’t going to mess around.

Now I am asymptomatic but am still working to gain the confidence to get my squat back to heavy.

Oh, and I also found a glucosamine/chrondroitin/MSM cream that I could rub directly on the knee as well. Again, YMMV.

thanx for the info xlr.

It would be nice to find out exactly what worked or if it was the combo of all of them. So next i will be adding the glucosomine and then the SAM E. At least that way ill have somewhat of a little better idea. what do you think?
Also what is in the Knox Nutrijoint that you were taking and how long before your knee pain went away?